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Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Many people consider relocating to Dallas, Texas, for several reasons we will discuss in this article. The Dallas-Fort Worth metro complex includes ten cities and thirteen countries, making it one of the largest metropolitan regions in the southern United States.

Relocation is always a difficult decision. With so many options available in Dallas, deciding the best place to move can be challenging. Keeping this in mind, we’d like to help you with the decision-making and highlight the main points you should consider when moving to Dallas

Each surrounding city has its subculture 

There is always something appealing that you can find in Dallas. It doesn’t matter if you are single, relocating with your family, or a retirement-aged person. You can always find something special in each surrounding city near Dallas. 

There are 30+ retirement communities in and around the Dallas Fort-Worth metro complex. Families can decide to live in Dallas retirement villages where activity and independence are the main focus. It’s also a great solution for seniors who want to feel like they are part of the community. 

Everything is big in Dallas

Everything is bigger in Texas. It includes Dallas’s size, population, growth, etc. The population has grown by almost 19% since 2010. The territory of Dallas occupies 343 square miles. For comparison, Chicago covers 234 square miles. The territory of Manhattan is 34 square miles, which is smaller than the landmass covered by the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW).

Buying a house in Dallas

Buying a house in Dallas is not cheap. On average, the home value is  $361,270, which is a 28% increase. The trend is expected to continue, considering that more people choose Dallas as a perfect place for their relocation.

If you do not consider buying a house in Dallas, you can rent an apartment there. The average cost of renting an apartment in Dallas is as much as $2,365 per month. The price can be even higher if you decide to live in popular neighborhoods or suburbs. 


Regarding the salary expectations for relocating to Dallas, you should be informed that the average living wage is $15.21 per hour for a full-time employed single individual. You will need to earn $45k per year to live comfortably in a 2-bedroom apartment in Dallas. 


The traffic is crazy in Dallas. It’s one of the biggest disadvantages of living there. The city is very spread out. You have to own a car to get around the city unless you do not live within a walkable distance to your job or shopping center. 

Job market

Among the country’s 12 largest metro areas, Dallas has the largest job growth year over year at 2.5%. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it’s the second-most jobs added or up to 115,800. Many people relocate to Dallas for finance, transportation, and marketing jobs.

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