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Ticket for One: How to Solo Travel Safely

Traveling alone can be a stressful experience, especially regarding safety. You’ll need to be more aware of your surroundings, as there are no familiar faces to help you out. But, by following a few common-sense safety tips, you can improve travel and safely get through your solo traveling adventures.

Research your destination thoroughly

Before booking your trip, you should always research where you’re going. Part of the research is having all the necessary documents, which is especially important if you’re going to a country like Oman for the first time. You can read more here. Find out what the area is like and research which areas are safer than others. During this search, you should also look at the hotels you plan on staying in. Ensure the hotels are in secure areas and check the reviews.

A great way to ensure your trip goes smoothly is to book with a travel agency. Let’s say you decide Egypt is where you will go on vacation. A travel agency in Egypt will provide only high-quality hotels and accommodations for a luxurious, pleasurable and safe experience.

Schedule traveling time during the daytime

When you think you have everything set and researched, you can start booking your hotels, flights, and activities. Try to schedule all travel during the daytime, as it is much safer. Ensure your departure and arrival times from the flights are during daylight hours. 

You’re better off planning activities during daylight hours as well. Minimize going out at night time by yourself, unless it is out of necessity. Take advantage of car rentals, taxis, and other transportation options, so you aren’t walking alone at night.

Share your plans with family and friends

Before traveling, you should have a pretty good idea of your itinerary. Tell your family and friends about this itinerary or print a copy for them. If you don’t have a set itinerary, call or text your family or friends each day and tell them where you’ll be. Someone should know where you are every day, even if they aren’t physically with you.

Make copies of important documents

Things happen, and you might lose important documents such as your passport. Or someone could potentially steal it. Due to this, you should have some copies of any important documents you might need on your trip. Keep the copies in a separate place from where your original documents are.

About 300,000 passports go missing (either lost by the owner or stolen) every year. Keep yourself out of this statistic by keeping your essential travel documents in a safe place and making copies so you can still get home if something were to happen. Without copies, it can take a long time to get back home if you lose your passport.

Keep your valuables hidden from view

Any time you’re outside your hotel, you should lock your valuable items in the hotel safe or hide them from view. Intentionally or unintentionally flashing your valuable items such as cash and expensive jewelry will tempt thieves to steal your things. Only take what you need and keep what you don’t in the hotel room safe.

Before you go

Safety should be your number one priority when traveling alone, and you can easily make your trip safe by following a few common-sense-related safety tips. Don’t let the idea of traveling alone scare you. Pay attention to your surroundings, trust your gut, and your trip will be full of fun and adventure.

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