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Tips for Managing Your Remote Call Center Agents

The pandemic gave a new definition to the workplace. The call center industry also saw paradigm shifts with many call center employees opting to work from remote locations. But is it easy to manage them? This blog will discuss tips for managing remote call center agents.

How to manage remote call center agents?

Managing remote call center agents is a tricky process. The organization or the team lead should work on the following tips to manage them efficiently. 

  • Recruiting the right remote agents

Not all can work as remote agents for a call center. So, it is important to hire the right agents. The remote agents should align with the organization’s business values. 

With call center outsourcing Philippines, you should do detailed research to recruit the right talent for the organization. The organization should select the right remote agents for their call center based on the pool of talented people.

  • Have an effective training and onboarding process

The organization will never grow until the employees are the main focus. The organization should have a well-defined remote onboarding process aligned with the business goals. This would make the remote agents feel special.

All remote agents should be a part of regular training programs, including on phone answering services, to upgrade their knowledge. This would reflect that the organization is serious about them.

  • Implement team collaboration tools – 

    • The use of different tools and services like:
      • Video conferencing. 
      • Workforce management tools. 
      • Cloud software 
      • Agent analytics tools

These tools are not used to micromanage the employees but make them feel a part of the team by aligning with them. A call center kpis 

  • Set some boundaries 

After the pandemic, it is very important to set some professional boundaries. The organization should create an efficient remote work policy for remote agents to keep the workplace healthy.

The organization should arrange some self-care training packages for remote agents. This is important as the remote agents sometimes feel too stressed because of the workload. The self-care training package would help remote agents have a work-life balance while caring for their mental health.

  • Have regular employee feedback

Just like customer feedback is important, having employee feedback is equally important. The organization should manage remote agents to discuss and provide feedback regarding their daily duties by using a call center kpis tool. The organization should take regular feedback to implement new employee-friendly policies. This would motivate the remote agents to work towards achieving the business goals.


Managing remote agents for a call center is challenging. The organization should look at different strategies. Some strategies are hiring the right agents, taking regular employee feedback, working with effective communication tools, and having an efficient training & onboarding process. With it, the organization can work efficiently with remote agents.

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