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Top features of a PMP certification

Project Management Professional Certification is a golden opportunity for all candidates who aspire to become successful Project Managers. PMP is offered by Project Management Institute, a non-profit organization in the US. It is a gold standard certification that is recognized worldwide. 

According to a recent survey, PMP is the highest-paying certification among all the other project certifications. This makes it stand out from the rest and offers value addition to your competency. Surveys have proved that certified PMPs can manage more than 75% of highly challenging projects than non-certified ones. Companies having professional Project Managers tend to be ahead of their competitors.

Here are some of the top features that PMP certification offers to its candidate.

  • Enhance your knowledge and skill set

If you are one of those people who want to acquaint yourself with the agile models in handling projects, then this training is for you. PMP certification delivers deep root knowledge on how to tackle challenging projects and deliver them on time. 

How will it make you stand out from the crowd against other Project Managers? 

Here PMP carries an edge. It helps you to develop current methodologies and makes you aware of modern processes and agile practices for Project Management. This will give you an edge over others. 

  • Build a problem-solving point of view 

Within any industry, recruiters look for people who have the ability to rational and analytical thinking. PMP training is one such training that will improve this ability of yours. 

After completion of this certificate, PMP holders can easily manage multiple challenging projects, even multi-year projects with international clients and teams. This training will make you confident enough to tackle complex projects that come your way. If you can make accurate decisions and help your team in managing risks, it will prove your worth as an expert and certified Project Manager. 

  • Broaden your network worldwide

PMI-PMP is a globally known certification that comes with networking benefits. 

There are lakhs of members who are currently pursuing PMP certification. PMI conducts various community meetings from time to time as a part of its schedule. These meetings earn you PDUs (Professional Development Units) which are required for credentials in PMI certification.

Not to forget that these community meetings take place on international levels with foreign clients and professional Project Managers. You get the opportunity to interact with global management experts in multiple industries. This will build your professional network and give you an advanced level of experience. 

  • Foster strong motivation in you  

While preparing for the PMP exam, students have to spend dozens of hours and days focusing on studying management techniques. This requires indestructible motivation and strength. 

After clearing the exam PMP professionals are well-versed in staying positive and motivated. They now develop a strong, motivated, and innovative environment for their team managers to work effectively. 

With a deep understanding of how to bring out the best results, PMP managers inspire their team members. This helps to build a better relationship between them while focusing on project goals. 

Contribute to upgrading your income

PMP certification offers you more immediate benefits than any other management certification. 

The demand for Project Managers is on the high rise in the IT industries. Holding a Project Management Professional Certification as your credential gives you an edge over a non-certified one. Organizations want Project Managers who are highly knowledgeable and experienced to deliver complex projects. These projects will eventually pay you higher than others. 

According to a survey, certified PMP candidates earn approximately 16% to 20% more than other managers. Hence, we see that an incentive bonus is one of the major benefits that PMP training will provide you. 

Recognition and validation

PMP certifications give you global recognition and put your important insights into Project Management. 

Regardless of the industry, you aim for after PMP training, you will be highly valued. With the advancement in technology and changing times, we expect more rise in the number of jobs for PMP-certified individuals. Here, PMP certification differentiates you from a non-certified candidate in a job application and gives the certified candidate an edge. 


Achieving PMP certification requires lots of effort but at the same time, it takes your career to a new level. Adding PMP certification to your resume makes you ahead of other individuals. Further, you achieve enhanced abilities to make sure that you give your clients the best of all. Organizations believe that this certification holds immense value and you don’t have to look for further credentials in your career.

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