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Top SurveyMonkey Replacements for Your Data Collection Needs

We collect data when we need to do market research, for publicity and marketing, to measure public opinion, and for various reasons. Besides getting the data for our projects, we also need to use excellent software to analyse and interpret the gathered information to achieve our objectives. SurveyMonkey is a good choice for this task, but, what if we explored more alternatives to carry out our project? Let’s explore a variety of software options to discover the ideal match for our analytical requirements and project goals.

Drag’n Survey, an advanced alternative

This is when the French software Drag’n Survey comes into play. Their user-friendly design allows their users to quickly generate surveys for in-depth data gathering.

Creating a survey with Drag ‘N Survey is simple. To create a new questionnaire, you can choose a template provided by the application that aligns with the survey’s nature. Use the drag-and-drop feature for yes or no, multiple-choice, free field, and priority order questions, then, organize the options for your questions and customize the page layout settings.

The questions come in different categories, such as consumer, education, human resources, event management, and healthcare. The template is selected according to the information you wish to provide in the questionnaire. Regarding the administration of the collector options, responses are accepted only from an IP address, as well as an anonymous mode that hides the user’s IP. There is also the option to return to previous pages to change answers.

Subsequently, distribute the survey through the preferred channel, either via a link on the website or through email. The results are then analysed through the automated real-time generation of the survey. Finally, to share the results, you can generate a link to send them in Excel or PDF format.

Other alternatives

Of course, there are other software available on the market to set up your online surveys, some of which are real alternatives to SurveyMonkey. You can read the article on Drag’n Survey depicting some of them.

Google Forms

Google Forms stands out as one of the most widely used survey creators, its user-friendly interface and straightforward design are easily recognizable. Creating forms on this platform is easy, and its simplicity makes it a go-to choice for various users.

To use Google Forms, the user needs to register with their Google account and navigate to the forms page in their browser. They can begin the process by naming the document and gathering the specific information they require. Once it’s ready, the survey can be distributed through a shareable link, making it easy for participants to complete it.


Typeform is software designed for creating surveys, forms, questionnaires and more. Thanks to its integration system, this system integrates with any app to generate more satisfactory results. Another advantage is that you can create a completely personalized form; in addition to adding images in the answers.

There are four subscription plans: the free one, the basic one for 25 euros per month, the plus one for 55 euros per month and finally the Business level for 89 euros per month.


Qualitics is an American company created for data collection. Considered the best when it comes to data analysis, this software offers tools that extract meaningful ideas from surveys, which is ideal for better study analysis. In addition to organizing this data, this program can be used to stay in touch with customers if it is used by a company. Users can also receive feedback on the offered products, in addition to understanding your customers and building your target market for them.


Currently, several software models are responsible for generating surveys, and not only that, but they also have functions that allow them to be intertwined with other apps and share data in real-time; in addition to offering a variety of subscription plans that fit the user’s pocket. It is important to choose the tool that best suits our needs and our possibilities.

We must take into account how easy it is to use the application; as well as its compatibility with the equipment in which we are going to use it. In the same way, the software we use must comply with the security of the stored data; Since the information we have in our hands is third-party and private, it must be secure on the website where it is hosted.

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