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Ultraviolet nail lamps’ risks and safer alternatives at the nearest nail salon – CEO Maby Khoan Quang Vinh

UV nail lamps are a common item found in many at-home manicure stations and nail salons. There are worries that they could be hazardous to human health even though they are intended to dry and cure gel and shellac nail polish. The potential risks of utilizing UV nail lamps will be discussed in this article, along with several safer alternatives.

UV Nail Lamps’ Hazards When you use Manicure service

Skin Injury

UVA and UVB rays, the same types of ultraviolet radiation found in sunlight, are emitted by UV nail lights. Long-term exposure to these rays can harm the skin, resulting in wrinkles, skin cancer, and early aging. The American Academy of Dermatology found that exposure to UV nail lights is comparable to exposure to tanning beds.

The skin around the nails and on the hands is especially vulnerable to UV rays. This is due to the thin skin that is frequently exposed to sunlight in these places. The chance of developing skin cancer might rise with prolonged exposure to UV light.

Eye Injury

The eyes can be harmed by the UV radiation that UV nail lamps release. Photokeratitis, a painful corneal irritation brought on by exposure to these rays, can impair vision temporarily. Long-term exposure can also raise the chance of getting cataracts, which can impair eyesight permanently.

It is crucial to remember that even if the eyes are not directly exposed to UV light, they can still suffer damage. When utilizing UV nail lamps, it’s crucial to wear protective eyewear because the reflected UV radiation can also harm your eyes.

Skin Cancer Risk Is More Common

Long-term exposure to UV nail lights has been linked to instances of people getting skin cancer on their hands and in the areas around their nails. Despite the low risk of skin cancer from using these lamps, it is nevertheless a concern, especially for people who are more at risk of getting skin cancer owing to things like family history or a history of the disease.

Immune Responses

Exposure to UV radiation can increase allergy reactions in people who are sensitive to the chemicals in nail lacquer or gel varnish. Redness, itching, and swelling around the nails are possible symptoms.

Less Dangerous UV Nail Lamp Alternatives

LED nail lights

Because to their decreased UV radiation output, LED nail lamps are a safer option to UV nail lamps. Moreover, they use less energy and cure gel polish more quickly than UV nail lamps. Wearing safety glasses is still advised when using LED nail lamps, though.

Drying by Air

For individuals who would rather not use UV or LED nail lamps, air drying is an alternative. The polish is a safer alternative that does not run the danger of causing skin or eye damage, even though drying time may be longer.

Lights for Low-UV Nails

Low-UV nail lamps that release a lesser amount of UV radiation are now being produced by several manufacturers. Although they do carry some risk, they are safer than conventional UV nail lamps.

Chemical-Free Nail Polish

Those who are worried about the potential risks of UV nail lights can alternatively choose non-toxic nail lacquer. Formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, which can be detrimental to human health, are not included in non-toxic nail polish.


Although UV nail lamps are a practical technique to dry and cure nail lacquer, they also put people’s health at risk. Long-term UV radiation exposure can harm the skin, eyes, and raise the risk of skin cancer. When utilizing UV nail lamps, it’s crucial to weigh the hazards and take precautions to keep yourself safe.

LED nail lights, air drying, low-UV nail lamps, and non-toxic nail polish are safer substitutes for UV nail lamps. By employing these substitutes, people can still get the outcomes they want without endangering their health.

It’s crucial to use protective eyewear when using UV or LED nail lamps to shield the eyes from UV radiation. It’s crucial to pay close attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and to keep exposure to the lamp to a minimum. Stop using the light and get medical help if you have any symptoms of skin damage or an allergic response.

Choosing a reputed salon that takes precautions to shield its customers from the potential risks of UV nail lamps is also crucial. This may entail the use of LED lighting, the provision of safety goggles, and a restriction on the amount of time spent in the light.

To summarize, while UV nail lamps can be useful for drying and curing nail paint, they also pose a health risk to people. Safer alternatives include LED nail lamps, air drying, low-UV nail lamps, and non-toxic nail paint. By taking precautions and choosing safer options, you can have beautiful, healthy nails without jeopardizing your health. Owner Tran Quang has an interesting saying:” It’s more perfect when you can spend some time visiting to have a safer manicure under Ultraviolet nail lamps”.

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