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Undergraduate Study in New Zealand: What are the advantage majors in New Zealand?

New Zealand’s undergraduate courses focus more on cultivating students’ independent thinking skills and teamwork skills. The schools in New Zealand encourages students to participate in club activities, focusing on cultivating students’ leadership and following students’ ideas. New Zealand has eight public universities, 19 polytechnics and some private institutions, offering students a wide range of subjects to choose from, such as business, arts, civil engineering, IT, education, food safety and more. Among them, there are some advantageous majors in New Zealand that are very popular with international students.

1. Business major

For a long time, business has been a popular major for studying abroad. The eight major universities in New Zealand have set up this major for international students to choose from. New Zealand’s business major brings together finance, marketing, management, international trade, economics, information systems, mathematics, operations research, science, statistics, taxation, real estate economics, human resource management, biological science business management, etc.

Because of the globalization of business, more and more companies need business talents, so it is not difficult for business graduates to find a job, but in the fierce market competition environment, they have high-quality academic qualifications, good personal qualities and academic spirit, which enables graduates to better integrate into the company, and enhance his/her competitiveness in the workplace.

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2. Nursing major

Registered nurses are in short supply in the talent market. Therefore, many New Zealand nursing students are able to find suitable positions before graduation through internship opportunities during their sophomore and junior years.

In New Zealand, nurses belong to the high-income class, and their salary will continue to increase with the growth of seniority and experience. It has the advantages of high recognition and wide selection. At the same time, New Zealand is a member of the International Council of Nurses, and its nursing profession and practitioners have always enjoyed a high reputation internationally. Hence, in addition to being registered and practicing in New Zealand, New Zealand nurses can also go to Australia, the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries to seek professional development.

3. Art and Design

New Zealand’s art and design major is committed to cultivating students’ artistic creativity and turning students’ ideas into reality. However, New Zealand’s art and design courses require applicants to provide a portfolio, so applicants with a foundation in painting and a portfolio are more likely to be admitted. If there is no portfolio, applicants can take preparatory courses or certificate courses first.

4. IT major​​

The reason why the New Zealand government regards several majors in the IT industry as long-term shortage majors is because of the needs of local companies for IT personnel, and also because the New Zealand government hopes to drive New Zealand’s infrastructure and information technology to attract excellent IT technicians.

5. Education major

New Zealand has first-class teaching methods and a system for cultivating talents, so New Zealand’s education industry is also booming. Due to the influx of new immigrants, many primary and secondary schools in New Zealand are in great need of teachers. Among them, preschool education is particularly popular with girls – many girls choose to be preschool teachers after coming to New Zealand.

6. Food safety major

Food safety has completely become a global issue, and in the pristine country of New Zealand, food safety is more important. And because food safety is a subject that is partly linked to national pillar enterprises, and New Zealand is a large livestock country, its requirements for food safety are more prominent. Therefore, the country and enterprises need excellent food safety talents to carry out safety monitoring.

These are 6 advantageous majors in New Zealand. If you plan to take an undergraduate study in New Zealand, you can give priority to these majors.

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