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Wear Approved Safety Eye Protection, Save Your Vision

Getting eye checkups with consistency, wearing the right ANSI-Prescription-Safety-glasses, and keeping your safety eyewear neat and clean are significant steps to ensure good eye health. There are some extra steps to take in certain conditions to shield eyes from impact danger. For instance, if your concerning field is radiation, pathogens, projectiles, or chemicals, you need specific safety eyewear or goggles certified by OSHA.

Even for home projects, you should have one piece of safety eyewear ANSI approved to shield eyes while cleaning or other activity for indoors and outdoors. While enjoying outdoor sites, you must have a quality pair of sunglasses for UV protection. Besides, the winter months are not free from safety eyewear, you also require sunglasses for UV safety. While damaging eyes from chemicals or particles, you should seek medication for the right treatment.

Shielding eyes in every condition:

Whether you have prescription lenses for vision correction or not, shielding your eyes is significant. When you protect your eyes, you are protecting eyes from cornea damage or some other delicate part of the eyes. Your eyesight will remain healthy and clear with precautions.

Thus, with regular eye checkups, wearing Best Protective Eyeglasses and quality shades for UV protection, and keeping lenses clean, you are just taking the right step for healthy eyes. But there are some conditions you may require extra protection. The shielding of eyes for working should certify by the federal government.

According to the occupational institute that around 2000 workers who are experiencing eye injuries per day require emergency medical treatment. Medial and safety experts believe wearing the exact safety eyewear can save you from eye injuries around the working area.

However, the common eye injuries in working place are cuts on the cornea due to flying objects or chemicals getting into the eyes. Splashes of oil or grease, steam burning, flying particles, wood chips, infrared rays, and too much exposure to UV rays are a few hazards experienced by almost every worker. Besides, people who work in laboratories, offices, janitorial staff, or doctors are also a threat of infected diseases that are dangerous to the eyes. Two common types of causes in which workers get eye injuries.

  • First, not using eye safety even in a dangerous condition.
  • Secondly, don’t use appropriate protection for the eyes.

Any worker can get eye injury when they are at working place because of accidents. But some workers who work in construction sites, and research centers, work around infected diseases or chemicals would use eye protection. Thus, both health and eyes are at high threat from workers than those people who are working in different jobs. So, you should wear safety eyewear if you are working in these places. Visit SEG for purchasing unique pair of safety glasses. 

  • Radiation
  • Chemicals
  • Projectiles
  • Chemicals

However, different working areas have different needs for eyeglasses that are certified by OSHA. Besides, people who use digital screens for long hours can take advantage by wearing specific eyewear that can decrease computer vision syndrome. This is also called digital eye strain, and you can prevent your eyes from this condition through 20-20-20 practice.

Eyes protection at home:

Many people consider home safe while working on several projects like cooking, cleaning, or lawn mowing. But they have no idea that several accidents can happen at home and even they can lead to permanent vision loss. For instance, household things like gasoline or cleaning with chemicals can lead to severe eye injuries annually. Unbelievably, around 90% of eye injuries are preventable by wearing appropriate eye safety. Thus, there are a few suggestions for eye protection along the overall body.

  • Safety eyewear:

Keep remembering standard prescription eyewear is not enough for eyes protection from impact particles, flying pieces, and chemicals. While performing specific tasks like washroom and bathroom cleaning, or lawn mowing, you should wear protective goggles ANSI certified for home tasks. These ANSI-certified Work Glasses stand against impact threats like flying particles, dangerous chemicals, and other particles that can affect the eyes. Home repairing projects lead to around 40% of eye injuries per year.

You need to ensure that staircases are well lighted and they have handrails. This step will lower the threat of falling but can also lead to severe injuries to the eyes and head.

  • Indoor chemicals:

Make sure the cleaners are placed in safe places like under a sink or in a protective cabinet. Besides, you should ensure that the placing area is completely ventilated because it will not allow harmful buildup. You should also ensure that all lids are safely closed. Avoid holding the nozzles while spraying the bottle. Don’t forget to wear safety specs for eye shielding while using dangerous chemicals such as bleach for cleaning.

  • Outdoor tools:

Outdoor chemicals like gasoline, fertilizer, pesticide, and paint should be appropriately stored in a safe area and keep it in a lock. Open lids securely and always use protective eyewear when you are around dangerous chemicals. Outdoor tools like lawnmowers and brooms should place in a safe place and keep clean. These safety precautions will prevent your eyes from getting hurt by them.

Sports eyewear:

Nowadays, safety goggles, helmets, and glasses are essential devices for leisure or professional activities. These accessories shield eyes from flying particles, pathogens of pool water, and sun rays. Therefore, around 40% of eye injuries happen due to sports or recreational activities. Besides, you should ensure for children’s toys are chemical-free and dangerous things are out of their approach. Children should use safety glasses while playing in pool water. Many children suffer eye injuries due to pathogen swimming water and household tools. Playing with different toys can lead to eye injuries if you don’t care about them.

  • Shield eyes from UV rays while enjoying vacations:

Most people like to spend their time in outdoor activities while on their vacations. They spend several hours skiing on slopes, walking on the beach or hiking in the forest. While enjoying leisure time with different outdoor activities, make sure you have applied sunscreen and wear safety sunglasses for UV protection. Many people don’t consider eye protection too much important for eyes. No one can sit in their homes during the sunny season. Thus, make sure to wear certified UV protective sunglasses while coming out of your home. Some people consider safety glasses essential in cold weather. Because sunlight is much harmful to eyes in the sunny weather as well.


If getting an eye injury while at home, school, or work, seek medical help from an optometrist immediately. Remove particles from the eyes as soon as possible because it can lead to some unexpected disorders. If your eyes are hurting because of excess water, inflamed or red, ready for emergency treatment through an ophthalmologist.

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