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What are Some Commercial Real Estate Jobs?

Many people think they want to become investors.

That’s certainly a great goal. Of course, CRE professionals love going over data, locations, and market trends, but that doesn’t mean that the attention should always be on real estate investing.

We’d cover several commercial real estate jobs today. Being your boss, setting your hours, and working entirely on commission is great, but sometimes you want benefits and a set schedule.

That’s where this roundup comes in: we wanted to highlight other types of jobs to explore within the CRE world, to honor other dreams than just real estate investing.

Let’s dive right in and cover some more interesting and overlooked jobs.

The Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

An official commercial real estate valuation is a pretty big piece of paper. It isn’t just admissible as evidence in court; experts also use it as testimony. You might not end up starring in a John 

Grishman novel soon, but you can get certified as a commercial real estate appraiser.

An appraiser uses as much data as possible when determining the actual value of a commercial real estate asset. This doesn’t just mean location; it goes beyond that. It’s about the size of the buildings, the potential for earning revenue, and even the local economy.

There are state requirements for becoming an appraiser. You must pass several tests, several complete classes, and serve as an assistant under an experienced and fully qualified appraiser. 

Once you’ve proven competent, you’ll be ready to start working independently.

Property Management

Commercial real estate is an exciting career choice because there are so many different types of properties available for rent such as in Phoenix. You can choose which ones you want to focus on.

Commercial real estate investors are searching for property managers who know how to read financial statements, plan, and handle repairs efficiently. 

Being able to help them out by making their lives easier will always be beneficial to you as a commercial real estate investor. In addition, as you become more familiar with the retail market, you can use that knowledge to benefit investors, owners, and companies of all sizes.

A commercial mortgage underwriter (CMU)

A commercial mortgage underwriter must review every document submitted by borrowers who want to get a loan from them. They need to ensure that the documents are complete and accurate so that they can approve the loan. It takes time and effort to clear a loan, so lenders take their time reviewing applications.

If you think a residential mortgage underwriter is demanding, move on to the commercial real estate. However, if you want to take on a challenging job and have experience in analyst positions, moving into a commercial mortgage underwriter is okay!

The Title Examiner

Be aware of this job title; the Title Searcher is vital to any company. A title company relies on searchers to ensure properties aren’t burdened with liens, judgments, and other legal issues. 

The title searcher position may be correct if you enjoy reading through contracts and fighting for your clients.

It’s always a good idea to reach out to a potential employer about an opening when you’re planning to wait to switch jobs. Knowing the options is helpful no matter where you are in your career.

Remember that a title search is a serious thing for the title company.

You’re on the hook for the consequence if they don’t get it right. It’s best to handle title disputes before they happen rather than after. Doing so allows you to avoid stress and save time. It’s not easy to check for liens and other legal issues when buying real estate, but some people enjoy playing detective for a living.

Private Equity Opportunities

A considerable amount of cash is available for acquisition in the commercial real estate industry. 

That means there are plenty of job openings within the private equity industry.

You can use the knowledge you’ve gained from working in the real estate industry to analyze potential investments, look for property opportunities, and connect with investors.

Remember to consider your experience as an individual who has been involved in real estate for years. You may have opportunities even if you’re not a more significant player.

You can usually find a firm’s public job description online, which gives you an idea of the positions at that particular firm. For example, Bain has many open positions listed on its site. 

This is because they’ve been around for decades and have a lot of growth potential.

Moving Forward

Commercial real estate investing will likely stay, so we’re sure commercial real estate job opportunities won’t, either. So, if you’re interested in pursuing retail real estate careers, get out there and start making your intentions known.

This is an industry where people thrive on helping each other out and networking together. You don’t need to be the best at everything, but you have to have the ability to learn new things quickly, attention to detail, the desire to help others reach their goals, and the drive to succeed.

You don’t necessarily need to look for a job; sometimes, the right job finds you. However, you sometimes must be willing to put yourself out there and fight for something.

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