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What Are The Best Foods For Gut Health?

Having a healthy gut is so important. If our gut is not healthy, we might not collect the nutrition we need from the food we eat, we might end up with inconsistent stools, and even painful bowel movements, or uncomfortable tummies. 

Our gut microbiome is one of the primary aspects of having good health and good well-being. It aids in the digestion of your food to give you nutrition and energy. 

The overall state of your gut microbiome is also known to have links to chronic illness developments. Things such as metabolic diseases, and gastrointestinal diseases are closely linked to our gut health. For example, those who have hemorrhoids are advised to eat foods high in fiber and low in fat as well as treat their condition with a hemorrhoid cream with lidocaine.

You should be asking what is in everything you consume, from what is in your breakfast to what’s in Colon Broom and so on. 

Ask the important questions, and keep reading to find out what is best for your gut health!


Oats have boundless health benefits. Oatmeal and oats alike are so good for your health. They are jam-packed with beta-glucans, which are a kind of soluble fiber which forms a substance that is a lot like a gel. 

This gel moves through your digestive tract, keeping the levels of energy you have stable, and also helps to keep you full, preventing cravings. 

The fiber in oats also helps you to stabilize your blood sugar too, which most do not realize also plays a role in the health of your gut. This is because an unhealthy and imbalanced gut can affect your blood sugar levels, 


We often forget how good bananas are for us. They are high in potassium for a start so make a great start to your day, however they are also great for digestion. They contain insulin which is a soluble fiber and a prebiotic that helps to energize the healthy bacteria inside your gut. 

If you get constipation or diarrhea then adding more bananas into your diet can help to get rid of these unpleasant symptoms. Improving the consistency of your stools and the functioning of your bowels. 


Lentils are another one we often forget about. They are very versatile and are very high in nutrients we need such as B vitamins, folate, iron, and other gut-boosting and resistant starches. 

But what is that all about? Well, a resistant starch is a type of carb that ferments when it reaches the large intestine. It acts a lot like a prebiotic in order to feed our gut’s good bacteria. 

As it does so, it helps in supporting the microbiome of our gut. It can also keep us feeling fuller for longer, improves our bowel regulation and aids in heart health too! 


Berries taste amazing, and adding them into our diets should not be hard as they are so appealing! This goes for strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries. They can be the healthiest fruit that you can ingest. 

All berries share one particular thing. They all contain properties for fighting disease, such as antioxidants which will reduce any inflammation inside your gut. 

Berries are also known to demonstrate the ability to rid symptoms of gut inflammation. They also are high in prebiotics and are one of the highest sources of vitamin C, which is the vitamin that can improve the barrier of our gut and enhance our gut’s ability to absorb nutrients. 


Yogurts are one of the first things we tend to think of when we think of healthy foods for our gut. There is a reason for this, this is because of the probiotics found in yogurts, which are basically living microorganisms that help to keep the microbiome of our gut healthy and happy. 

It is great to eat yogurt if you have symptoms such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, or constipation. It can bring you some speedy relief. 

You can also get non-dairy yogurts if you are lactose intolerant, which can actually reduce the symptoms of lactose intolerance in some people. 

Black Beans

While there are plenty of other foods that help our gut, we want to finish on black beans. You can have them in a dip, soup, or a side, they are one of the best foods for your gut as they are loaded with fiber and protein. 

In a single cup of black beans that have been cooked you can find 15 g of fiber. 

They are high in resistant starches, and they act like prebiotics when you digest them, giving your good gut bacteria the nourishment they need.

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