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What Are the Points auto Loan Borrowers Need to Know About MCLR

Important things auto loan borrowers need to know about MCLR

Marginal Cost of funds is the lesser or minimum lending rate below that bank is not allowed to lend. The increase in the inflation rate, the ongoing covid – 19 pandemic, and the war surrounding the world have welcomed many uncertainties for the financial marketplace. The Cost of fuels has seen a sharp rise and showing some signs of lending rates going high. 

A Marginally cost of fund-based lending rate is a tenor linked to a benchmark internal. The bank can publish its MCLR after a careful inspection. Here, the bank determines the actual lending rates by adding elements. In the recent past, many established banks have increased the MCLR, and now many signs show floating rates will get expensive. What should be your next move if you land in such a situation?

Let’s begin the article by understanding what the elements of MCLR are –

  • TENOR – The Cost of lending varies from the period of the loan. The more the personal or business loan duration is, the higher the risk. To prevent this risk, the bank will shift the load to the borrowers, asking them for an amount in the form of a premium. 
  • Operating Cost – The Cost of raising funds and other barring costs are recovered separately, making some service charges—operational Costs connected to providing the Logan product. 

The MCLR was introduced on April 1 in the year 2016. The main aim of MCLR was to address the complexities connected with the base rate regime. MCLR was brought into action for more transparency and to create a favorable situation for the borrowers and the banks.

Many established banks have recently increased their MCLR, which indicates that home loans are interconnected to the floating rate and auto loans which are also likely to get costly. Now let’s look into the essential points to remember about MCLR.


  • A personal loan on a floating interest rate is connected to MCLR, or either will be an externally linked system.
  • MCLR is only applicable to floating interest rates.
  • MCLR does not apply to fixed interest rates.
  • You, as customers, can check the MCLR on the dedicated bank’s website
  • Banks are not allowed to lend below MCLR without permission from the Reserve Bank of India.
  • RBI can impact the cost of funds for the banks. 


The marginal cost of a funding based lending rate is the lowest interest rate a bank will accept to lend you. However, your credit score might influence your chances of borrowing a personal or business loan. Eventually, a low credit score will impact changes badly, and if you have a high-interest rate, your chances of getting a personal loan are higher. Therefore you check the credit score and be aware if it is in the ideal position.

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