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What Is Transformational Leadership You Need Know

Of all the characteristics of a leadership, the most important one is the power. Another important characteristic would be influence and often influence is more important than power because a person can influence a number of people and make any decision than a person who has power or authority. Transformational leadership aims at carefully balancing and sharpening the characteristic features of leadership such as influence but this must also be done with skill and care. Once a transformational leadership is well versed with this prime quality, he can successfully lead to an influential transformation in the environment or the organization he strives in and leads.

Transformational leadership mainly requires is high motivation to take up any task and also to influence people he leads. Also a strong emotional connection is also required because a transformational leader is required to maintain and develop a friendly relationship with the people he influences. This would lead to people feel that their leader cares for them and would help him in building a trusted society which would help in the leader influencing the people in a better way.

Transformational leadership also requires the leader to think differently from the other leaders. This is a prime quality of this type of leadership since in order to bring a transformation in an organization, innovative mind is a mandatory requirement. The new thoughts of a transformational leader are what would lead him to help bring about a revolutionary transformation in the organization thus influencing the people. When a leader starts to bring his innovative ideas to life and when the members of the organization start following this path, new ways open up for the organization to develop to a successful path.

Also, a leader must have his followers on his path. A leader without any followers would fail to bring about any transformational changes thus becoming a failure. However, when a transformational leadership is successfully implemented in an organization, it has the ability to completely change the whole organization.

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