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What Not To Miss On Your Bahamas Holiday

If you are planning a holiday to the Bahamas, you probably have lazy days on the sand in mind. There is, however, more than beaches to discover here; I’ve put together a quick guide to help you get an idea of some of the things you really shouldn’t miss.

Beautiful view of Bahamas


For me, holidays are all about trying the local food, and in the Caribbean, you’ll be in for a real treat. Now, chances are your hotel will offer some decent fare, but it’s well worth being a little more adventurous at least once – even if you’ve got an all-inclusive deal – to taste something a little more authentic.

You should keep an eye out for seafood dishes in particular, since these are a Bahamian specialty. Conch is probably the ultimate dish to try, and you’ll see it on menus served in all kinds of ways – grilled, fried, minced and so forth.

Be a pirate!

Ever since the release of the film Pirates of the Caribbean, swashbuckling seafarers have become a wee bit trendy, and the Bahamas is a great place to explore your pirate side. The best island to do this on is probably Nassau, where you’ll find the Pirates of Nassau Museum, as well as Blackbeard’s Tower. Well, it’s called Blackbeard’s Tower, but historians actually think it dates back to the 18th century and has nothing to do with the infamous pirate. It’s a lot of fun to visit all same, and offers great views from the top. Head over to Fort Montagu on Nassau to see it. Click Here for Bahamas Villas.

beautiful bahamas
Beautiful Bahamas

Visit a quieter isle

While images of deserted beaches might spring to mind when thinking of the Bahamas, the reality is that your hotel is likely to be on an isle that’s relatively busy. Nassau, for example, has a great reputation for its combination of attractions and nightlife, so it’s not exactly quiet.

It is well worth visiting somewhere that is, however. Among the places you can go are:

  • Crooked Island: You’ll find this in the south of the archipelago. Interestingly, historians have found a fair whack of evidence that suggests the famous explorer Christopher Columbus discovered it, so if you’re into your history, you might especially enjoy a visit. What’s really lovely about the location is that there’s so little here – sounds dull at first, but these gorgeous beaches are absolutely perfect for living out that tropical island dream.
  • The Out Islands: Similarly quiet, the Out Islands are a fantastic choice for those who love exploring off the beaten track and avoiding the crowds.

Explore national parks

The Bahamas is home to some awesome national parks, so try to visit one or two while you’re here. Some of the ones that have caught my eye are:

  • Inagua National Park: This 287 sq. km park is an absolute must for nature lovers. Why? It’s home to huge population of West Indian flamingos – 50,000 plus, in fact – which you can spot standing about looking colorful in Lake Rosa. You’ll need to book your trip at the Bahamas National Trust, which is in Nassau, but these feathered friends are well worth it.
  • Lucayan National Park: Spanning 40 acres on Grand Bahama Island, this reserve is seriously beautiful. Among the top attractions to seek out are Gold Rush beach and the series of caves in the north (there are trails marked out so you can find them).

Hayes & Jarvis Caribbean holidays are just one of your options; spend a little time searching for the right tour operator to make sure you get one that really suits you.

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