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What Size Car Should I Rent?

Compact: Kia Rio

The KIA RIO, or a comparable compact car, is our fleet’s most fuel-efficient and parking-friendly vehicle. It has room for five people. Driving a Toyota Corolla is a breeze because of how fuel efficient and convenient it is. The highest levels of security are provided. This is usually the least expensive option with a high-end appearance.

Intermediate: Kia Forte

A KIA FORTE or a vehicle of a similar sort are among our most preferred intermediate vehicles. It seats up to 5 persons comfortably and has a decent trunk. It also gets excellent mileage. Whether it’s a quick drive to the city for a meeting or a longer excursion through gorgeous British Columbia, with this automobile, you’ll be secure and comfortable, and you won’t have to spend an arm and a leg.

Compact SUVs: Kia Seltos / Nissan Kicks

KIA SELTOS or NISSAN KICKS is a 5-seater SUV that’s still tiny enough to get around in the city. Features such as a backup camera and blind spot monitoring are included for your sense of security. Your baggage and stuff will fit comfortably.

Middle Sized SUVs

Examples are the Nissan Rogues, Mitsubishi Eclipse Crosses, and others. The most popular product of ours. Five people can sit here comfortably. The trunk room is ample. All models come with AWD as standard equipment. They are featuring a slew of security measures. Whether it’s a short vacation to Whistler or a cross-Canada road trip doesn’t matter. Ascent car rental will ensure you and your loved ones have an unforgettable time. This vehicle type is particularly popular among families with children, who appreciate the extra space and eye-catching design. Taking your kids on this ride will make them believe you’re a ‘cool’ parent since you can have fun without breaking the bank.

Standard Sized SUVs: Mitsubishi Outlander

The MITSUBISHI OUTLANDER, or a similar-sized SUV, is a great vehicle for long-distance commuting. It seats 5 people, plus two more ones. The third-row seats will be a hit with your children. You’ll be able to take in the sights and sounds of British Columbia’s natural beauty for hours on end in the luxury and safety of this vehicle.

Premium SUVs: Nissan Infiniti QX50

NISSAN INFINITI QX50 or a car of a similar kind is considered a PREMIUM SUV. A high-end, high-performance car. High-tech and safety-oriented features abound. Driving in this automobile will be an absolute delight.

Full Sized SUVs: Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent or a vehicle of equal size and capability, A Car designed for extended, comfortable family road trips. It easily seats eight people—the car that will securely transport you and your companions across our lovely province and beyond.

Return of Vehicle After Hours 

To return your rental car in the most convenient and stress-free manner possible, you should park it on PARKING Level 2 next to the Cruise Ship Terminal and the Pan Pacific Hotel. Parking slots are well marked, with signs indicating where they should be used. Kindly lock the vehicle and go to our desk to put the keys in the key deposit box once you have removed all of your stuff from the vehicle. Our courteous and professional staff will give you precise instructions at the check-out.

About Us

Vancouver, British Columbia’s Ascent Car Rental is a small, family-owned, operated car rental company. Alan Braun had previously ran a car rental business in Croatia for over twenty years until he started Ascent. Alan’s passion for travel led him to Canada, where he was instantly enamored with Vancouver. Because of Ascent Car Rental, I could live and work in Vancouver.

Our Location

The Pan Pacific Hotel, where we are situated, is at 999 Canada Place. It’s a five-star luxury hotel, conference center, and cruise ship terminal all rolled into one convenient location in the city. Visitors to Vancouver’s attractive city will find us easy to reach from wherever they may be staying.

Pick-up and Drop-off Facility at Vancouver International Airport

We can pick you up and drop you off at the Vancouver airport during normal business hours for a one-time price of $40.

There is an additional cost if you want to do it after business hours. For further information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our Mission

We want to reintroduce the excitement of hiring a car by providing a personalized experience. To the best degree possible, we strive to gratify all of our customers. Because of our significant experience, we are confident we can address all of your needs. Because of our flexibility, we are capable of satisfying any requirement. Our passion for the company is what keeps us going.

Our Vehicles

A vehicle to fit every need is still our company’s guiding principle, and we’re sticking to it. A modest, fuel-efficient car to a big, spacious SUV or van that can seat a big family and ensure everyone is cozy on long journeys is on the market. One of the trendy vehicles appropriate for a family is a model that can fit six people comfortably during a travel.

Other Services

All of our customers’ needs are important to us. Therefore, we’re doing all we can to meet their needs in addition to essentials like GPS and child car seats. As an added convenience, we have roof racks on most fleet cars. Attaching a bike rack allows you to take your bike wherever you go. Snow sports mounts are available for any skiing and snowboarding equipment throughout the autumn and winter months. All of our cars are fitted with snowflake-certified tires to assure your safety and comfort throughout the winter months.

Criteria for Renting

Ascent Car Rental requires the following to hire a vehicle:

  1. You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. You must have a driver’s license.
  3. You must have a credit or a debit card.


1. Are there Any Restrictions on the Number of Kilometers I can Travel?

Yes. Generally, you are limited to 300/km per day while renting a vehicle. With a 3-day rental, for example, you’ll be charged 900/km. There will be an additional price for any further services beyond that. Weekly and monthly mileage allowances are subject to additional conditions.

2. What is the Fueling Policy?

Please keep in mind that the rental fee does not cover the cost of gasoline.

You have three possibilities in this situation:

  1. You must return the car with a full tank of petrol and a receipt for the gas bought.
  2. Pre-order the gasoline before you need it. The stress and inconvenience of locating a petrol station and refilling the tanks at the conclusion of the rental time is a big drawback for many consumers.
  3. Let us refill the vehicle for you, depending on the contract fee.
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