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What To Look For Before Buying A New Remote Control Car?

Remote control cars have come a long way in their designs and variations. RC cars are now available in different models with various colors and features. RC cars are favorite among car enthusiasts who want to experience racing and speed that feels like real racing cars.

While looking to purchase the best remote control car for the first time, it is essential to note a few details about your car that meet your requirements. You might want to look for a few specific features before deciding on your purchase.  

Speed Limit

Most cars available in the market are modern and have a maximum speed limit. Previously, the limits were relatively low, but now it can also go up to 70 MPH and more. However, the speed depends on whether your car runs on liquid fuel or an electric car. 

While the typical RC car can only reach a small portion of such speed, models that can reach 50 or 60 MPH are widely available. Even 70 MPH is very doable on a reasonably tight budget. The speed limit is entirely your choice, and buying lower speed limits is beneficial if you’re a first-timer. Usually, a speed of at least 50 MPH for a 1/10 scale model is present in cars that run on fuel. If you spend your bucks on an RC car that is said to reach a top speed of only 40 MPH, it is still fast and fun.

Fuel vs. Electric

Many RC racing car fans are confused about whether to buy RC cars that run on fuel or electricity. Which car is better in terms of performance and speed?

The truth is that both cars have their own performance and speed benefits. It depends on what you are looking for and what your expectations are from your car.  Similar to lawn mowers or motorcycles, smaller combustion engines are utilized in nitro vehicles; these engines often require a mixture of nitromethane, methanol, and oil. The exact mixture can vary based on the engine, and engines also need upkeep and repairs. One disadvantage is that your hands get dirty whenever you use or touch the car.

Fuel-based cars make more noise than electric cars, and most racing fans opt for electric cars because these cars run on easily chargeable batteries. 

Overall Performance

The best remote control car should offer you the best performance in all aspects. Getting an RC car that runs smoothly, stays on the ground, and is easy to handle is essential for an overall great experience. It is recommended to take trial tests before purchasing from a reputed manufacturer. 

RC cars are very competent vehicles with advanced engineering and designs. RC cars are available with various features that promise a great driving experience. However, before you buy a car, look for all features, compare them with different models, and buy the one that suits you best. 

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