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Reasons Why Erectile Dysfunction Affects The Relationship

Because no one wants to acknowledge they have erectile dysfunction, it’s a bit like a no-land for men. men In fact, because always being ready is not a word that organically comes in discussion with friends, there are unrealistic expectations. The media and television bombard us with personal scenes, yet they never portray us erectile dysfunction situations.

For these reasons, those affected with erectile dysfunction are left alone. But in reality, the men affected by this problem represent the majority. Population studies show that 52% of society would likely have erectile dysfunction at some point in their life. If you’re facing such issues, don’t be upset. Get help from best online trt service consultants, they will help you to get out from this problem.

Sometimes a condition that also affects the partner in many other ways rather than simply the inability to carry out simple penetration. Before this condition complicates your relationship with your partner, learn the 4 reasons why erectile dysfunction can exacerbate relationships.

Erectile Dysfunction and Lack Of Intimacy

Obviously it occupies the first place. What makes your relationship unique is the level of intimacy you share with just one person. Erectile dysfunction can thin the line that exists between partner and best friend.

Are you experiencing this? Here’s what to do…

He found a new kind of physical intimacy; intimacy is not based solely on penetration. Pleasure can take many forms in the partner’s body and all of them will amount to a certain intimacy. These ranges from touching, having a shower together, taking a bath together late at night; it is important that you evaluate all available options.

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Erectile Dysfunction and Low Self-Esteem

Erectile dysfunction leads to a reduction in your self-esteem, which will also affect your partner. Wherever there is a problem to be solved, it is natural to ask if I am the cause of it. This is true for both of you in a relationship where erectile dysfunction is present. Your partner may begin to wonder: Am I still attractive? Am I doing something wrong?

Here’s what to do…

Find other ways to communicate love and admiration for each other. Make sure you complete each other truly and intuitively at least 3 times a day. Share kisses, cuddles and other intimate activities. While the bedroom doors are closed, seek the pleasure of a romantic dinner, try a new hobby together or plan a weekend away from the routine. Self-esteem is strengthened with feelings and acceptance, so instead of avoiding your partner out of embarrassment, you have to do exactly the opposite.

Avoid Verbal Communication

Tablets are the best known oral therapy for erectile dysfunction and statistics show that as a population we tend to self-medicate rather than communicate. Since its introduction, more than 25 million prescriptions have been issued. When erectile dysfunction strikes, it’s not just intimacy that is lost; but embarrassment takes over, you don’t want to talk about it, you just want me to go away.

Are you experiencing this? Here’s what to do …

Compensate with words for what you cannot offer in intimacy. Because with the lack of physical and emotional communication, it leads to a great strain on the relationship. It may not seem comfortable, but just discussing about the problem can be a solution that holds you together.

Become A Spectator Of Your Own Relationship

According to an urologist, people with (psychological) sexual dysfunction tend to stand outside themselves as judgmental observers and spectators of their own sexual reactions and performance, in which it becomes difficult to block out obsessive thoughts about their sexual response and internal comments about their own activity.

If you are a spectator, you are not living in the moment but just waiting. Are you experiencing this? Here’s what to do…

The exercises of “Mindfulness” (awareness), a technique based on meditation that helps to focus one’s attention on what is happening in and around one’s body moment by moment. How much attention do you have towards your partner after 8 hours at work? Do you engage or find consolation in social media? It’s time to eliminate all distractions and live in the moment.


Erectile dysfunction has multiple causes, ranging from psychological to organic or mixed. In fact, it can be a manifestation of other conditions, sometimes even serious, such as diabetes, arterial hypertension, cardiovascular diseases and even neoplasms. Are you suffering from erectile dysfunction? The time has come to consider taking blue pill or consult a specialist.

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