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Why Is Onboarding Software Important?

When it comes to recruiting new staff, the world is in a bit of a talent crisis. The pandemic saw so many people changing their career paths, and it caused major upheavals in many working practices. 

So, when you find someone who is fit for the job, you need to be able to get them integrated into the company as fast as you possibly can. 

One of the ways to improve how you recruit and retain staff is with an efficient employee onboarding software that gets the onboarding process done smoothly. Sure, you could hire without the onboarding software and try to do it all yourself, but having the software there to provide assistance really helps.

So, today, let us tell you exactly why onboarding software is important and how it can impact you. 

Why Is Onboarding Important?

First of all though, why is this important? Well, onboarding shows how to get employees better integrated into their role, as well as providing an understanding of what the company offers and what their philosophies are. It will engage employees properly, and create workers who are more committed to helping the company’s success. 

It also helps employees to feel more like a member of a team. 

Studies were conducted that showed around 9% of employees leave a company as a result of poor onboarding, and a good 37% of employees say that their manager does not play an important role in the support for their onboarding experience. 

Without proper procedure in action, employers may find that they have a high employee turnover rate, and they may lose their company productivity. 

When engaged 87% of employees are less likely to leave the company, making them 5 times less likely to find another employer in comparison to those who are not engaged. 

So, as you can see, onboarding is more important than you may think. 

What Is Onboarding Software?

This onboarding software used for employees is basically the solution to a range of problems and tasks that are related to the onboarding process for employees. It allows people to follow recruitment onboarding and the development of this process of any individual, all in one place. 

It will show everything from verifications, payroll, compliance and so much more. 

It can be considered a file on the employee in a sense, and it can even include a knowledge base. Which is all pretty useful when you are onboarding new hires, as it gives them access to the information they need to properly join the company. 

Employee Onboarding

While employee onboarding is not the only type it is probably the most widely focused on. 

When you hire a new member of staff you cannot expect them to know everything about the business from the get go, they are new after all. So, if you want them to do an excellent job and improve things for you then you need to give them all the right information to do so. 

Give them this information, set expectations, and establish good communication. This is basically all that employee onboarding actually is. 

However, it is surprising just how many companies do not do this in an efficient manner. For many it takes up to a wild 8 months for a new employee to be actually productive without a proper onboarding process in action

Customer/Client Onboarding

The other type of onboarding there is customer onboarding. Many companies, but not all, need to onboard their customers as well. This will usually be for businesses that offer services, or those who sell products that customers may need help using. 

This is why the process includes, getting in contact with said customer, setting up a user account for them, and providing guides, information, instructions and other useful information. 

This could actually sound easier than the true process. In truth, a lot of companies do struggle with good customer onboarding. A majority will use an insane 4-6 different tools to complete this process. 

Grants Access To Employee Information

Onboarding software programs are a very useful tool for you and your new employee. Both of these people will have access to necessary information, this can include contracts, handbooks, general workplace news and more.

One of the main upsides of all this information being able to be stores this way is that it can also streamline payroll processes and such. HR will usually have a huge amount of paperwork that needs to be done in a very short period of time. 

By using onboarding software, you can make more use of HR onboarding software. This allows them to put payroll information into the system, in their own time, which is a huge plus side. 

You will also be able to find programs that integrate with your whatever payroll system you use as well. Doing so will allow for a smooth system of 2-way dialogue, enabling things to be kept smooth and helping to stop any major errors from happening and messing everything up.

Why Are Onboarding Softwares Important?

There is so much competition these days, and to succeed you need to be flexible, efficient, and have a solid team and good communication across the entire organization. 

Just like all the stats we have shown you, there are a lot of time and resources required to get the onboarding process nailed. 

So, with an onboarding software, you cut all the requirements in half, as everything you need is in one neat place, and there is no frantic running around, or chaos, it’s simplified and made easier for you to manage.

Do You Need To Have An Onboarding Software?

Every company will benefit from using onboarding software. It can help in reducing the amount of time and resources you will use, no matter what the size of your company is. You should always consider how onboarding software may be able to hep you. There can be some situations where you really need to be thinking about it though. 

This means that if you are considering recruiting and hiring remote workers then you will want to consider onboarding. 

So many people have switched workplace practices through this, however, not so many have looked at the recruiting side of it. So, if you are planning on doing this on a larger scale then it may be more important than you may think 

It is also essential for large recruitment drives, or if you have a lot of employees over a vast area. This is especially true if you have a large amount of paperwork which is taking up a huge chunk of time, and is becoming an overwhelming burden to your Human Resources department. 

Some industries will rely very heavily on compliance and having an onboarding software in between can actually take away some of the burden of managing this and makes everything much more manageable for you in general. 

Similarly, if you experience a high level of employee turnover, especially in the earlier stages of the employee’s time with you, it may suggest that your recruiting process is not integrating your employees effectively and may be leaving them rather lost and stressed in their employment 

Onboarding pieces of software offer ease and consistency to both you and to your employees and hires, this can easily rectify problems like such. 

In some cases, you may also experience a lot of mistakes, perhaps forms get forgotten, payroll is not on time, and so on. With an onboarding software all of these can get checked and verified, avoiding any nasty mistakes that could uproot the solidity of the company.

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