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Why You Need Best Email Hosting UK and How Can You Find One?

Many free email providers are there in the market. We may feel a natural urge to go for them and save the cost, but it has significant downsides. Looking for the best email hosting UK is better because of its excellent pros like easy brand awareness. We will discuss two fundamental points in this article:

  • Why should you try to find the best cheap email hosting and ignore free email services?
  • What parameters can you use to judge some email hosting services?

Let us begin.  

However, it makes sense to ensure one thing before proceeding. We should know exactly what email hosting is.   

An Introduction to Email Hosting UK

With email hosting UK, you can send, receive, and store emails on a server that the company provides you. In most cases, additional facilities like file transfers, template usages, and folder creation are also available.

The best edge email hosting UK has over free providers like Gmail and Outlook is that you can have your domain names as extension of the email address. Hence, you can control your data better and enjoy more reliability.

Benefits of Using Best Cheap Email Hosting

We have talked a little about the benefits the excellent email hosting service has on its free alternatives. Let us discuss this in detail now. 

  • Domain Name in Your Email Address: Great Brand Consistency

It does not only give you a professional look. It is also beneficial from a brand consistency point of view. An experienced and reputable company always stands out from the competition and is always recognizable.

It is the first impression of your business. The customers should be able to connect the products with your business name. Inconsistencies can destroy your branding and prevent recognition. In other words, you are easier to access for your clients when your brand identity is good. When you are more accessible to them, your business communication is good, and you enjoy more conversions. 

And this is the point of realization of another great benefit of email hosting. You can manage more than one email address. As a result, it is possible to dedicate different accounts for support, sales, and marketing. Hence, clients can reach out to your right team member directly. 

  • Good Scalability Allows Business Growth

Scalability is crucial for any modern business. The email server fulfills both short-term and long-term requirements. These requirements could be changing storage capacity, dedicated customer support, or adding more addresses to the domain.

Do you have expansion plans for your business in the future? If yes, no other option is better than an email host offering a primary contact point. You can easily find plans that adapt to your needs and ensure the best performance and safety.

Some plans would even allow you to get an unlimited number of accounts. It would facilitate you in expanding your business. For example, you could add more addresses or extend your business to new branches.

  • Best Inbox Security

An email host provides an additional security layer. Seeing the increasing data breaches worldwide, it is worth mentioning the advantages. The best encryption methods protect your privacy and make your communication unreadable to third parties. 

In every business, there comes the point when you have to share sensitive information with your team. So, it is a critical security measure. However, you can implement extensive malware and spam filters once you are not worried about privacy. 

  • Reliable Email Hosting Provides More Uptime

Here is another striking difference between a standard free email client and an email hosting solution. The email hosting will provide you with an uptime guarantee. This guarantee is essential for both team communication and customer service. Often customers have complaints that need immediate attention. Downtime means you can lose emails and receive the information late.

Reliability is an essential parameter for business success. You should be available when customers need you. So the professional host always offers a guarantee.

  • The Email Solution Integrates With Other Tools

Also, professional email hosting always offers you many good workflow management tools. Free alternatives seldom provide anything like that. Two examples of these tools are php List, and Mailman. The former is a newsletter solution to support your marketing campaigns. 

The latter helps with the management of newsletters and subscriber lists. Such tools are excellent for email marketing, a great modern way of generating leads and conversions.

So, you should also consider what additional functionality your potential email hosting provider offers? The quality vendor will always make your life easy.

How to Find Good Email Hosting

However, the list of email hosting providers in the market is extensive. So how can you pinpoint the one which is best for you? All of them would seem different in a lot of ways. Some offer basic features, and some may provide shared contacts and calendars. Here are five parameters to judge the quality of email hosting.

  • Security

This should, perhaps,  go without saying. This is the first feature to look at email hosting. Your potential email hosting partner should be able to protect your content from attacks. Check if it provides you with some advanced tools like anti-spam filtering, anti-malware, and other data loss prevention features. Also, they must follow specific regulations and have certificates that add up to security.

That also includes backup. In case of compromise, nothing but regular backups can save you. They will retrieve your data and help you go back to everyday life. Hosting services with globally redundant servers always provide backup. 

They have a complete department for handling such matters. So, never go for the email hosting service that does not offer backup services.

  • Support and Simplicity

Good email hosting makes you feel like an in-charge. It is always easy to use, provides versatile support, and gives you control of your email settings. Find the one that offers complete 24/7 support, available on live chat, call, and email. 

  • Flexibility

Flexibility and compatibility are also important parameters. It is a red flag if the services are not flexible enough for your needs. Services should be compatible with all devices and effectively sync with all mobile and web apps. All businesses must access their email and check their tasks, lists, and shared calendars. It is something to take seriously.

Yes, you may have a small business and do not need every feature that the potential email hosting service offers. However, you should have the right to choose what your business needs and reject what you do not need. Every email host won’t go to this limit to entertain you. Hence, the list will narrow down, and selection will become easy.

  • Storage

Emails are not only about communication. They are also about storage and collaboration. So try to pick the email hosting that offers you a lot of storage space. Do not settle for less than 2GB per user. 

So a cluttered mailbox makes no sense when you can archive your critical mails. You have to be wise in the selection of the provider. So your essential mails will rest in the archive box, and the inbox will only show you the current conversations. The best host would be the one that lets you have all data in one place and allows old messages to move to the archive automatically. Also, ensure that they back up the archive and inbox mails.

  • Availability and Uptime

Downtime is not acceptable in any case in modern business. You cannot afford it since your customers and employees must see your emails running every time. It has such adverse effects on your business. Acronis research claims that 80% of companies lose $20,000 per hour for the downtime they experience. Find the email hosting that guarantees at least 99.9% of the downtime. That also helps you save the cost.

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