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xResolver – What it is and How Does it Works?

xResolver is an IP grabber that gathers IP addresses and Gamertags from the individuals who play web based games on computer, Xbox, and PlayStation. Is it legitimate to accumulate other clients’ IP addresses? Indeed, since it is public data. It utilizes many bots to scour the web for such data.

If you have been the survivor of a DdoS attack, you might be expected to pay xResolver to have your name boycotted from their site. Clients with malignant goal use IP locations to keep different players from getting to a game. However paying xResolver is lawful, it leaves a horrible desire for some gamers’ mouths since it isn’t their shortcoming.

How Does xResolver Work?

Know Opponents Gamertag: This is a straightforward step since you want to find the ideal client on your Xbox. At the point when you click on their data, the Gamertag subtleties are uncovered. Duplicate the freely shown ID in there.

Go To xResolver Webpage: Navigate to the xResolver site and look down to the structure that demands the Gamertag IP. Glue it, then press the determination button. You can likewise realize the Gamertag by sticking an IP address.

Get The IP Address: By clicking Resolve, the site scans its information base for the IP address. Since you may not necessarily get it, you are allowed to attempt various strategies.

Sites Like xResolver.


Bootyou is a Resolver giving PSN and Skype Resolvers, Geo Location Lookup, IP Pinger and Domain, and so on. The site is protected since it uses HTTPS with hashed data sets and takes digital currency and ordinary installment techniques. As per appraisals, it is among the least expensive and is all around trusted. It is expressed that Bootyou gets in excess of 2,000 visits each day. It gives a responsive client support staff that can be open in various ways, including Skype, Email, Live Chat, and so forth.


This IP sniffer gets a high evaluating on a few sites, showing that it is accomplishing something well. It has been working for some time and can along these lines be relied upon, as it has protected numerous from DdoS attacks by boycotting their IP addresses. Tragically, hackers have additionally gotten their fair piece of the pie. Despite the fact that boycotting will cost you $30, it isn’t the best choice since you might be distinguished once more.


This apparatus uses Skype to get others’ IP addresses and geological data. In spite of the fact that there aren’t many audits, the site’s area was enlisted quite a while back. The site is SSL confirmed, and that implies it is secure and genuine. WebResolver appears to offer an unconditional promise strategy too. The site likewise fills in as an email resolver, data set resolver, and different capabilities. They request a week after week charge of $8 and just take PayPal and Bitcoin installments.

Lanc Remastered

Lanc Remastered is a great deal of things moved into one. The site capabilities as an IP sniffer, IP grabber, and IP resolver for Xbox and PlayStation 4. It is an organization for parcel examination and observing that is open source. It monitors the ISPs for every association’s country of beginning and geolocation. Lanc Remastered permits you to characterize port numbers objective IP addresses and change the source. The stage has been gathering IP addresses for both public and confidential organizations starting around 2010. Lanc Remastered PCPS is the latest update of the product.

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