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10 Reasons a 3PL Partner is More Productive than Owning a Warehouse

3PL stands for third-party logistics and can benefit businesses that do not want to own a warehouse but require logistics management. Investing in a warehouse or going for 3PL also depends on the kind of business you are running. However, with a partnership like this, you don’t have to go with the conventional way of doing business. The traditional business model of handling many or all operations in-house, Red Stag explains, isn’t always the most productive.

10 Reasons 3PL is More Productive 

1. Use of Technology 

A 3PL employs the latest technological solutions in the warehouse to get the best results. They are also more knowledgeable about the industry trends. 

2. Cost Effectiveness

Owning a warehouse is a huge investment, and small and medium businesses necessarily don’t have that kind of money. Having a 3PL spares you from finding the perfect spot and is a cost-effective solution when it comes to shipping logistics.

3. Formally Certified 

You might not have the right expertise to run a warehouse as a business owner. However, there is a lot that goes into running the operations daily. A 3PL covers that for you as they are formally certified. 

4. Focused Business Decisions 

You can use your energy and resources to make more important business decisions than focusing on running your warehouse. 

5. Scalability and Flexibility 

With a 3PL, you have the option to scale and expand your business. In addition, you can choose to have your products in different locations to reduce shipping time and cost. Owning a warehouse can make you stagnant. 

6. Reduced Shipping Costs 

You can have your stocks placed in multiple places that are the hubs for your business. This way, the shipping costs will be reduced. You don’t have to ship to another part of the country and pay huge shipping charges. 

7. Expertise During Crisis

Since these people are professionals, they know how to handle crises. The 3PL partnership also comes with insurance, so you know your products are always in safe hands. 

8. Warehouse Management 

To own a warehouse, you need to invest in staffing and management systems. This can alone put a dent in your pocket. 

9. Business Expansion 

Expand your distribution networks for business expansion without investing too much. As your business grows, you need to make decisions, and a 3PL partnership is one such decision. In addition, your business can be in multiple places simultaneously with 3PL. 

10. Tracking Inventory 

Keeping up to date about the inventory and making timely raw material orders ensures that your orders are on time. A 3PL has automated inventory systems, so you don’t have to hire additional staff to do that for you. Real-time data ensures you make the right business decisions. 

Above are a few reasons why a 3PL partnership is more productive and cost-effective than owning an entire warehouse for your business. Whatever your reasons, conduct thorough research before partnering up with a 3PL service to get the most out of the logistic solutions they offer.

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