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3 Most Common Property Types for Digital Nomads in Malta

Malta is one of the favorite destinations for people who love adventures and exploration because it offers visas to digital nomads. The application process is simple. On some popular ranking sites, Malta is number 8 as one of the best places for those who seek digital nomad visas. Secondly, accommodation is affordable and comes in various styles and forms. In this article, you will learn a few things about the types of properties in Malta. Save this guide because it covers some essential requirements should you be interested in some properties nationwide. 

Common Properties Type in Malta for Digital Nomads

Best property options for digital nomads in Malta:


Apartments are the most common type of property in Malta. Most people choose them when they consult property management Malta because these accommodation types are everywhere. They are also called flats. They usually take smaller spaces per unit and have all the basic features, such as kitchens, bedrooms, and living spaces. You will find about 3 – 6 units in a block, depending on location or land size. They are affordable for rent per unit. The cost of acquiring this type of property depends on many factors, and it’s best to seek an expert’s advice.

Terraced Houses 

This type of property is one of the most common in Malta. They are often semi-detached, meaning they share walls with another property or one side, but many are fully detached (standing alone without being connected to another person’s property). Most terraced houses come with a small garden at the front and another garden around it or at the back. Many of the ones in Malta were built around the 1970s and 80s. You can ask for these details if they matter to you. 
The number of terraced houses is gradually decreasing because they are not the most modern buildings. Also, the value of land has become more expensive. Most of them are being sold and redeveloped for more modern structures, such as apartments that can serve more people.


Another common housing type is a villa. They are usually detached and have everything in the same land area or compound. You might have a garden at the back or a lawn. The villa is your best choice if you want the most comfortable property or move in with your family. They are usually more expensive than Apartments or farmhouses for several reasons.

First, they are more modern and feature everything expected of a modern house. The outdoors could have a swimming pool, playing ground, and public cooking. Inside the villa, you have 2 to 4 bedrooms, a large garage, gym space, a study, and a basement. Depending on the building, the villa might have more facilities, such as deck areas, entertainment areas, and spots for small parties.

Before You Can Own a Property in Malta 

While trying to buy a property in Malta, you should consult those who can help in the process. Although things can be pretty straightforward, you will save time and have more valuable information when you consult a professional.

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