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4 Basic Functions of Management Which Is Important To Know

Management is a job with a very wide spectrum of duties. But every manager should always stick to the principle of 4 basic management functions when achieving his goals. I will shortly describe which are this four functions basic functions of management. I believe this is something everybody should know. Also if you are not a manager, following this four steps will help you achieve your goals in life much faster and much easier.

Function number one: Planning

No matter what you are doing, you have to plan it out first. You have to set your goals straight and decide how you are going to achieve them. You have to decide how much money or time you will invest and how many people will you employ. On this step you are doing simply what the name of the step means, you are planning.

Function number two: Organizing

On this step, you have to organize yourself to achieve what you have decided to achieve in the first step. You need to start gathering the resources, to decide who will do what (in case more people are involved) and basically prepare everything so you can start working.

Function number three: Directing

Since you know what you want to do and since you know how you gone do it and you’re ready to do it, let’s do it! On this step, you need to start leading people to your goal. You need to motivate them and yourself as well, to achieve your goal. On this step, it is very important to communicate with people who are helping you (directly or just with information’s). Also in big companies, department dynamics, and department leadership are very important. You need to set “sub-leaders” or so called lower management and make sure that smaller teams under you work as a team and communicate with each other good enough. It is very important to set up teams correctly, that means to put the right person into the right team.

The final function: Control

I love this one the most (not always though). On this step, you need to control how people are working. You need to make sure that everyone is doing their best and you need to replace them if their best is not good enough for you. You sometimes need to re-do step number 3. On this step, you need to check if you have planned well and if you have managed to achieve your goals. And as the last thing to do, you need to buy a champagne or you have to resign. I hope you know which one to choose based on your situation, hehe.

As i said on the beginning, try to always follow this 4 functions/steps in your life and you will maximize your performance. No matter what project you are working on, do this four basic management functions and you will do it better.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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