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4 Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

Picking the right outdoor blinds can make a world of difference to your home. Their design can improve the aesthetics of your house while making your outdoor living space functional all year round. Outdoor blinds can protect your furnishings and keep you and your guests comfortable no matter how hot, cold, windy or wet it is outside!

When picking outdoor blinds for your home, you need to take some factors into consideration so you don’t regret installing them. Different designs offer unique combinations of features and knowing what you want from your blinds will ensure you benefit from the style you pick. Asking yourself the right questions will guide you to pick the best outdoor blinds for your home.   

4 Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Outdoor Blinds for Your Home

1. What is Your Home’s Style?

Your home and the way you decorate it normally demonstrate your personal preferences. This extends to how you want to experience using your outdoor living space. Matching outdoor blinds with your home’s architectural style is vital if you want to stick to your décor theme throughout. 

Outdoor blinds come in a variety of designs, such as:

  • Ziptrak blinds
  • Café and bistro blinds
  • Zipscreen blinds
  • Plantation shutters
  • eZip blinds

Whether your home style is contemporary or traditional, luckily there’s a blind for you. And selecting the right style will enhance your property’s appearance and complement the architecture.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Investing in premium blinds for exterior use not only makes your outdoor experience pleasurable but they also increase the value of your residential property. Knowing your budget will make it easier to pick the right blinds without breaking the bank!

It helps to also know what you need from your blinds. Ask yourself if you’re looking for more privacy from nosy neighbours when entertaining or if you need better protection from the elements? You do need to shop according to your requirements in order to get value for money.

Once you know what you want from your blinds, you can shop around for quotes. Depending on your budget, you can decide between features such as the following:

  • Motorised or manual operation
  • Custom or standard design
  • Insulation or privacy (or both)
  • PVC or mesh materials

If you’re working with a tight budget, aim to get good-quality blinds with a warranty without compromising on value or functionality. You want a good long term investment, so you don’t spend more replacing them within a short period of time.

3. Are They Easy to Use? 

Outdoor blinds can be cumbersome and handling them can become difficult if they don’t have the right mechanisms in place. Picking poorly designed blinds can lead to more frustration so make sure you choose a design that’s easy to use. 

Manual operating features should be functional and simple to use. Your blinds should open and close smoothly with minimal hassle from your side. What you want to avoid are cords that get tangled or zips that break or get stuck because of poor quality.

One of the most convenient ways of operating outdoor blinds is opting for motorised ones. These can be open and closed with the touch of a remote control button or even operated from your smartphone. Picking motorised outdoor blinds is a smart move for ease of use if your budget affords you the opportunity to go automatic!

4. What Protection do I Want From Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are made with different materials and come in a variety of designs, offering a range of protective features for you and your home. Knowing what protection you want from your blinds will help you choose the best ones for your outdoor lifestyle. Ask yourself if you need any or all of the following features from your outdoor blinds:

  • Do I want more privacy?
  • Am I looking for a heating and cooling solution for my outdoor living space?
  • Do I, my guests or furniture need shading from the sun or protection from the wind, rain or pesky bugs?
  • Do I want the option of letting in more light or darkening my outdoor entertainment area?
  • Is ventilation or airtightness essential when using outdoor blinds?

When dealing with the experts in blind installation, you can expect them to ask you these questions when discussing your individual needs. The answers to these questions will help you narrow down what type of outdoor blind you need for optimal protection.

Final Thoughts

Whether you opt for manual or motorised outdoor roller blinds, pick plantation shutters or go bistro-style, your decision-making process is simplified with the right questions. This way, your personal taste and individual needs are fully met when installing the perfect outdoor blinds for your home!

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