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5 Basic Steps in Process of Marketing Research You Know

This article will be about 5 basic steps of a good marketing research process. I will not explain all steps in details so if you would like to learn more about a certain step in marketing research, please search around say economy for more detailed article on each step.

First step of marketing research process is setting the problem and goal of your research. Remember you cannot get there if you don’t know where there is! You need to know what you are researching if you want to get the right information.

Second step is preparation of research or making a research plan. In this step you will need to decide what will be your sources of data, which methods and instruments will you use, what sample will you take and how will you communicate with your samples.

Third step is gathering the information on a way you have chosen in second step of marketing research process.

Fourth step is sometimes considered as last step in process of marketing research. In this step you analyze all your data and try to find out what you wanted to find out.

All there is left is step five, where you present your information to the public, your boss or whoever you were making this research for.

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