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5 Health Benefits Of A Sit-Stand Desk

Adjustable desks that allow you to alternate between sitting and standing have gained incredible popularity in recent years. As more people shift to office or home-based work, along with an increase in screen time and reduced gym or activity time, it has created the perfect recipe for many health problems.

More people, at increasingly younger ages, are developing serious and/or chronic issues such as neck, back, hip, and other joint pain, obesity, poor circulation, and many other health-related concerns. 

While not all of this can be attributed to less physically demanding work, there is no doubt it still heavily contributes. Sit-stand desks provide a simple and reasonable solution to many of these problems. Here are five specific examples:

1. They Can Improve Posture

While many people may not necessarily equate posture with health, the fact is that musculoskeletal health is very important, especially as you age. Persistently bad posture in younger people can lead to serious back and spinal issues in older age, limiting mobility and quality of life. By standing up, you are more easily able to bend and stretch, keeping those muscles looser and more active. 

2. They Can Aid in Metabolic Health and Weight Control

A sit stand desk contributes to these health aspects in a number of ways. Firstly, standing burns slightly more calories than sitting. Over weeks and months, these extra calories add up. There is also evidence to suggest standing helps to improve blood sugar and insulin processes, both of which are integral parts of metabolic health. 

Although simply standing during portions of your work day certainly does not replace the need for exercise or physical activity, it most definitely helps more than extended hours of sitting.

3. They Can Help with Focus, Energy, and Productivity 

Sitting for prolonged periods doesn’t just wreak havoc on your physical well-being; there is also a mental toll to be paid. Sitting causes fatigue and reduced energy levels. Standing increases blood flow and higher levels of oxygenation, which promotes mental clarity and vitality.

4. They Can Provide Improved Circulatory Health

Although we mentioned increased blood flow and oxygenation in the previous section, it deserves its own attention as the circulatory system is a key aspect of cardiovascular health. Sitting impedes blood flow, potentially contributing to a wide variety of health issues.

5. An Overall Reduction in Risks of Chronic Health Problems

In most cases, conditions that are categorized as severe or chronic often begin as minor and easily correctable issues. And many of these minor issues can be attributed to too much inactivity and, specifically, sitting. Desks that are adjustable between sitting and standing positions can reduce these risks tremendously over time.

Finding the Right Sit Stand Desk for Your Office

While this article was to cover the health benefits of these desk designs, the fact is that there are also several options to choose from. From L-shaped to traditional rectangle to U-shaped, getting one that’s perfect for your workspace shouldn’t be too hard. 

Various online liquidators offer fantastic deals on these and many other kinds of office furniture. They are often far less expensive than online and brick-and-mortar retail furniture suppliers.

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