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5 Underrated South Korean Dramas to Watch Right Now

If you haven’t been watching South Korean dramas (famously called K-dramas) all this time, can you even call yourself a cinema fan? 

K-dramas make everything sound and look easy – from cute romantic storylines to intense thrillers; you can indulge in whatever genre makes more sense to you. While K-dramas like Squid Game got a lot of traction, there are a lot of gems that are not as appreciated but deserve to be cherished by the audience, local and international. So, if you are unsure what to watch this weekend –watching one of these underrated dramas might be a great start. 

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Now that we are all set with the internet and drama industry, let’s see which K-dramas you will be watching this weekend:

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Vice-chairman of a vast corporation, Lee Young-Joon, is a narcissist and self-absorbed person. When Kim Mi-so, his incredibly skilled secretary, reveals one day that she will leave her position after serving Lee Young-Joon for nine years, it flips his world upside down. 

During most of the drama, we observe him trying to find out why she would want to leave the company and rectify the wrongs, but can he do that? 

2. Strong Girl Bong Soon

Do Bong-soon was born with hereditary superhuman powers. The CEO of a gaming firm, Ahn Min Hyuk, recruits her as his bodyguard after noticing her strength. Luckily, she can work on her lifelong dream of creating a game with herself as the protagonist in his company. 

This romantic action comedy also shows a love triangle with Bong-soon, Min Hyuk, and Gook-du (a police officer who Bong-soon flatters).

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3. My Love from the Star

This romantic fantasy drama starts with an alien ship touching down on Earth in 1609. 00 years later: Do Min-Joon, an extraterrestrial who resembles a human in many ways, is young and undeniably attractive. He hasn’t aged a day while being on Earth.

He is a professor in Korea who leads a lonely life and has just one friend who is aware of who he is. Cheon Song-Yi is a vibrant, candid, and self-absorbed actress fighting for her profession and dealing with many haters.

Sparks start to fly when she moves into the apartment next door to Min-Joon. 

4. Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a South Asian drama that came out in 2014. This romantic comedy show is credited to be one of the most enticing dramas on this list.

Due to a condition known as “Pinocchio syndrome,” Choi In-ha hiccups every time she tells a lie. After her parents’ divorce, she despises being on the island and tries everything to be with her mother, a bigshot journalist. 

Dal-Po is a genius boy who loses everything after the media puts false allegations about his father. In-ha’s grandfather rescues him from drowning and adopts him as well. Although, when Dal-Po finds out that In-ha’s mother is Song Cha-ok (the journalist who did the most damage to his father’s reputation), their budding bond is ruined.

5. Shopaholic Louis

A road accident leaves Louis, a young and attractive heir to a large corporate empire, without his memory and living a life of homelessness. He meets a sweet country girl, Bok-Sil, who offers to look after him till he remembers his identity. She tries to teach Louis the value of money and how to spend wisely, but she is shocked by his spending patterns.

The story is full of love, positivity, and happiness that comes from within.

The Last Words

Korean dramas have a way of letting you associate with the characters a lot more. Not only would you feel blissful and at peace while watching these dramas, but you would also be able to pick a few habits from them – because K-dramas are known to portray their stories with great ethical layers. 

Watch these underrated dramas, and let us know if you have some other dramas to add to the list. 

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