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5 Ways A Desk Booking Solution Allows You To Be Flexible At Work

Access to a desk booking solution is more crucial than ever in the post-pandemic era. Many businesses are using hot desks to reintroduce workers to the workplace. Employees may search for and reserve shared desks using a desk booking app on their mobile devices.

Businesses have to adapt to hybrid workplaces to offer employees a better work-life balance. Employees need to be able to seamlessly switch between work from home and office without losing out on productivity. The best way to manage hybrid workplaces is through a desk booking solution. In this blog, you will learn what are the various ways in which you can utilize a desk booking solution so that you can compare such solutions and buy the one best suiting your requirements.

What is a desk booking solution?

Employees may examine available workspaces on a map and reserve one from their phone, laptop, or desktop. If the employee is not familiar with the office layout they can still check in and use navigation features to find their booked desk when they reach the premises.

A desk booking solution aids facility managers in upholding workplace safety regulations and capacity standards. To maintain social distancing, individual desk availability can be set on or off. Administrators may be able to show the hardware resources that different desks may be equipped with. This makes it much simpler to establish a productive workplace.

Employees may reserve the areas that are most suitable for their needs using a desk booking solution. Such a solution can:

  • Do self-service for desk booking
  • Provide information on reserved desks including the time duration of the reservation
  • Manage office lodging and seat assignments with ease
  • Reduce unused space and
  • Build a flexible work environment with a desk booking solution

Five ways a desk booking solution allows you to be flexible at work:

  • Save time with a desk booking solution Desk booking may facilitate the rapid and straightforward discovery, booking, and check-in of desks for employees when used with the appropriate desk booking solution. Team members can also save time depending on the bookable desks utilized at work. For instance, self-service desks don’t need permission to be reserved, which can free up facilities staff to concentrate on other crucial activities.
  • Increase productivity with a desk booking solution By enabling workers to balance their workdays, desk booking may also increase daily productivity and staff efficiency. When they are most productive, they can work. With higher productivity employees can concentrate more on making profits. Employees feel more engaged and organized.
  • Save on costs with a desk booking solution Does your company have a mobile workforce, a flexible facility, and the resources to make desk booking effective? If so, purchasing a desk booking solution could be a terrific method to reduce idling facility expenditures since fewer internal employees give room for downsizing. Then, you can put these savings to use where they’ll matter, maximizing the value of the desk booking strategy for your company.
  • Optimize office space with a desk booking solution – Employees have additional seating alternatives thanks to desk booking software. They can readily reserve a comparable neighboring workstation if they do not receive the preferred desk. As a result, the available office space will be employed more effectively since fewer desks are left empty. A facilities manager may use the software data to maintain the appropriate employee-to-desk ratio and offer staff seating options.
  • A desk booking solution gives you variety – Desk booking offers a range of innovative, hybrid workplace models, whether employees use a reservable, check-in desk hoteling system to find an open desk or a free-for-all hot desk solution to find desk space on the go. This kind of cooperation is exclusive to companies that provide flexible work schedules and is an effective strategy to maintain teamwork and innovation inside a business. Even for the employees, it gives them flexibility or choices. They can choose the kind of desk that want to work on. They can choose to reserve a seat next to a colleague they need to collaborate with.

What kind of qualities should a desk booking solution have?

Most individuals concur that Covid-19’s unexpected need for remote employment caught most people and businesses off guard. Companies aim to install desk booking software to help a smooth transition to a flexible workspace to prevent a similar scenario.

Today, hot-desking and office hoteling are two of the most popular desk booking solutions. Hot-desking gives seats to employees as needed, doing away with the necessity for everyone to have a permanent desk. Office hoteling allows employees to book a workstation for a certain period.

When your business considers employing one of these tactics you must keep a few things in mind. You must first decide whether it is a good fit for flexible seating. Some indicators that might show that it is good for your business are:

  • The majority of your employees are mobile.
  • Your company comprises consultants, a sporadic sales staff, or contractors working only part-time in the office.
  • The layout of your workspace is adaptable.
  • To lower facility lease costs, you want to minimize the floor area.
  • You want to recruit a modern, adaptable staff that is flexible.

Employees should be able to find an on-demand workplace if they have to work in the office, or they need to be able to reserve a desk ahead of time so they won’t have to stress about it when they get to work. Employees should have access to resources and tools for collaboration. They should take very few steps in booking a desk for themselves. To identify gaps in your implementation strategy, check data on space consumption. Pay attention to staff seating policies and issues. This will enhance the user experience.

It’s crucial to pick an intuitive, simple-to-use desk booking solution. Such as an interactive floor layout if you’re new to hot-desking or hoteling. This makes it simpler for workers to locate and reserve a workstation.

WorkInSync, is a complete hybrid workplace solution that includes desk booking among its other features. The solution is rated highly on Capterra and G2. Do check your company’s needs and compare it with their solution to find if it is a good fit.

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