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Sydney Lifestyle – 8 Reasons Why a Few Skylights Should Be On Your Must-Have List

Do you have a few dark zones in your home such as your laundry room, hallway or even kitchen? If you’re weighing the options between installing a few extra light fixtures or rather investing in a well-placed skylight, then this article is for you. 

It’s no secret that many homeowners are opting to add some of the skylights Sydney contractors have on offer. The addition of a few skylights will not only add considerable value to your home but also has a bunch of other benefits. 

Top Reasons Why You Should Add a Few Skylights To Your Must-Have List

There are several benefits to installing skylights in your Sydney home or even your business. It also works in many other Australian cities, thanks to the lovely sunshine weather. 

Aside from a few health benefits, there are also a few aesthetic and financial reasons to. Let’s have a look at the most common benefits you’ll experience. 

1. The Addition of Natural Light

If you’ve been researching the prospect of adding skylights, then the one common thread you’ll find in many articles is the benefit of adding natural light to your space. And there’s a good reason for that.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that at least 1 in 4 Australian adults suffer from a vitamin D deficiency. While it’s true that this isn’t only a result of spending too little time in natural light, it is a contributing factor. 

Installing a skylight in a room where your family spends a lot of time is a sure way to increase everyone’s exposure to natural light. This can lead to:

  • A healthy exposure to vitamin D reduces the risk of heart disease
  • Sufficient vitamin D levels improve bone health and make for a stronger skeletal structure
  • Vitamin D also improves general dental health and strengthens the enamel on teeth
  • Some research has shown that consistent exposure to vitamin D can minimise the onset of multiple sclerosis
  • Improves sleeping patterns

2. Improves Mood and General Well Being

Have you ever found that sitting in a dark part of your home leaves you feeling sombre or even depressed? One benefit to adding natural light to your home is the increase in exposure to the serotonin hormone. A healthy release of serotonin will increase mood and general well-being. 

3. Energy Savings

Introducing a few well-placed skylights will greatly reduce your need for artificial lighting, especially during the daytime. Imagine the impact on your energy bill if you add a few skylights throughout your whole home. There’s also no need to constantly replace light bulbs. 

4. Highly Customisable

A major benefit of skylights is that they are customisable to your specific needs. Since they’re available in all shapes and sizes, you can opt for larger options to make a room look bigger. Alternatively, you can consider smaller, tubular options that are better suited to bathrooms, the laundry, kitchen or even closets. 

5. Increases Potential Resale Value

While selling your home might not be on your immediate list of things to do, there’s no arguing that skylight installation will increase your property value. The addition of natural light creates an appealing atmosphere in the home. Additionally, the potential of saving on energy bills is also a benefit future home buyers will find appealing. 

6. Eliminates Mould and Mildew

Some rooms in your home are more exposed to moisture than others. Your laundry room, bathroom and kitchen are prime examples of areas where moisture from steam can build up and create mould and mildew.

Mould produces allergens that lead to allergies and respiratory illnesses. Constantly inhaling mould is very unhealthy for humans and pets. Sun shining in through the skylights will dry the walls usually exposed to dampness. 

7. Limits Exposure to Fluorescent Lighting 

Constant exposure to fluorescent lighting is often the cause of migraines and eye strain. This is especially true in homes that are so dark you need lights to be on all day. If your home office is also not well lit, you may have to keep the artificial lights on most of the time.

Adding a skylight to this space won’t only give you extra light to work with but might make you feel less gloomy about having to work indoors all day! 

8. Increases Privacy

Many homes have a considerable amount of windows, allowing both light and sun in. However, some windows compromise the homeowner’s sense of privacy. Often, prying neighbours, or street-facing windows force some homeowners to keep their windows covered.

With skylights, you can maintain your family’s privacy without excluding natural light. This also makes skylights a great option for bathrooms, toilets and showers. 

Final Thought

It’s easy to see why skylights are such a popular commodity with homeowners. Not only do they add to the interior aesthetic of your home but they enhance functionality all around the home. Add a skylight or two to your home and reap the benefits so many other Sydney homeowners are already enjoying!

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