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A Hole In Your Roof- It May Give Pest a Direct Access To Your House!

Everyone depends on their roof to protect themselves from pests, animals, changing temperatures, and weather. A hole in your roof can lead to animal invaders, higher energy bills, water damage, and expensive repairs. Your roof is too large that it becomes challenging to spot holes before they become big. To secure your home, contact a wildlife removal in Ellicott City, MD.

Things to do if there is a hole in your roof. 

While your house is built to withstand general wear and tear and weather damage, problems can still occur. Regular inspections and maintenance can help, but occasionally things slip through. Some main causes of holes in your roof are:

1. Animal entry

Animals can gnaw or tear through roofs for shelter, warmth, and food. Creatures like raccoons can cause property damage when they enter homes. They pry up shingles, rip through holes and gaps, and damage wires and insulation. If they are determined, they can spot tiny entry areas and make them large for easy access.

2. Tree damage

If you do not keep overhanging branches trimmed backward, they can create holes in your roof. In addition, branches hitting the roof every time can cause expensive damage. 

3. Broken seals

For a prolonged time, loose seals are prone to become more extensive and turn into gaps and holes in your roof. When the section lifts up, more of the seal loses its adhesion. While they are initially noticeable, they can let animals and weather in quickly. 

4. Rust and rot

Many metal roofs are weather and waterproof and can still rust over time. Rust can make holes in the metal roof. Additionally, roof protection and shingles wear off, and moss and water can lead to wood rotting, meaning there will be structural gaps.

Problems that can arise due to a hole in the roof

Water damage

While ignoring a small hole in the roof is a minor problem can be tempting, as it can soon turn into expensive repairs when left unfixed. Even small holes can cause significant health hazards and roof damage, so one should not wait to fix the holes.

Animal access

Animals will create holes in the first place, and other animals will also take entry into your attic. They will breed, chew wires and create nests in your ceilings if allowed. Rodents and other animals love getting into roof insulation during cold climates. Insulation protects them from extreme climates, and the lack of human interference in the attic makes it a better place to hide.

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