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Able2Extract – A Perfect Tool to Convert PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to HTML, PDF to PowerPoint

Managing company’s budget, employees’ payrolls and tax planning are something that small business owners, financial and accounting professionals are faced with on a daily basis. Aside from certain expertise, these tasks demand a lot of working hours and attention to details. Luckily there are many accounting and data management software on the market specialized in performing these complex calculations. Nevertheless, Microsoft Excel is still holding its number one position as being the most popular programme for number manipulation and data analysis in the office environment.

Everyday business communication often requires sharing and exchanging financial reports and other confidential data electronically. In these situations, converting an Excel document into PDF file format has proven to be the most efficient procedure, due to its compact and non-editable nature.

If, however, there is a need for editing the received file, it has to be converted back to Excel.

Sometimes, Excel tables trapped inside a PDF file are organized and structured differently. When you want to convert those tables to Excel format, this might come as a problem because they will all be converted in the same way. Rows and columns might be recognized incorrectly, and lots of editing might be needed.

Some PDF software solutions solve this problem by allowing users to select tables or pages, one by one, but Invest Intech’s  Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 has a unique and interesting advanced conversion option. Able2Extract is the ultimate data conversion utility! it comes with select-to-convert features that let you focus only on the content you want to convert from PDF. Easily convert PDF to Excel, PDF to Word, PDF to HTML, PDF to PowerPoint, PDF to Publisher, PDF to Text, PDF to AutoCAD, PDF to Images, PDF to Open Office and more with a few clicks! This solution enables each table to be converted correctly, without a need to fix the conversion output. You name it, Able2Extract can convert your data to it! The PDF converter can transfer data from one format to another.

How to Easily Edit Your PDF Reports with Able2Extract

Here’s how this works: First, select the document or part of the document you would like to convert  from PDF to Excel and  then simply click on the convert button Custom Excel.

A new panel appears, offering you several options. You can manually adjust the row and column structure by adding, deleting or moving the lines that represent them. You can combine two or more columns in one or several rows into one. There are separate buttons to specify the conversion recognition of rows and columns. For example, it can combine two columns into one or you can specify the exact space necessary to treat the two columns as separate. It is an easy and intuitive feature.

There is also the Add table option, which lets you select the part of the document to be treated as a separate table.

This tool is especially useful for PDF documents that contain a lot tables of different sizes. It offers advanced features that are easy to use.

There is also the option of clicking the Show Preview button that appears at the bottom, allowing you to see how the conversion result will be seen in real time. This will allow you to test what kind of configuration will work best with your file before converting.

Besides advanced PDF to Excel conversion, this software offers conversion to all MS Office formats as well as OpenOffice, AutoCAD, HTML etc. And that’s not all. With Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 you can Create, Edit and Secure your PDF files from copyright infringement by setting up password protection. The software is available on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms which makes it a complete package, suitable for day to day business activities. If you wish to learn more about it and download the free 7-days trial, visit Investintech’s page.

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