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An Ultimate Guide to Different Types of RC Planes

If you are into the hobby of flying RC planes or use it for projects, it is always a great experience to fly these miniature planes. Radio-controlled airplanes are small airplanes that can fly and are controlled by a hand-held RC transmitter that sends radio signals to the plane, which allows the change in the position, speed, and direction. 

Flying RC planes is now a popular hobby due to the widespread availability of the same. It is also used by the military and government projects for surveillance purposes. These planes are also powered by fuel, but electric planes serve a better purpose. 

As they are a less heavy and clean energy source and small in size, they are used in projects where hidden surveillance is required. However, they might break easily and are not as stable as fuel-powered heavy airplanes. 

There is a wide variety of RC airplanes that are used for many purposes. Here are a few types: 

Trainer Airplanes

As the name suggests, these planes are made for training purposes. They are the primary planes you can easily get in the market with a design that has wings above the fuselage to provide stability in the air while flying. 

A trainer plane can be powered by electricity, a combustion engine, or fuel. It is available in many sizes, and when you have started flying these planes, a trainer airplane should be the ideal choice. 

Float Planes

If you have a lake close to your home or you can travel to a nearby lake, these float planes are cool airplanes to buy. These are less available than land planes but more fun to fly. Also known as RC seaplanes, they can take off and land on water using their float gear attached to the bottom of the plane. 

It is a bit challenging to fly this airplane, but you can start practicing on land and then move to water. 

Sport Airplanes

These RC planes come into the sports category due to their design and performance. They are capable of performing aerobatic maneuvers and are used for training purposes. 

These planes are available in various sports types like ultra-slow flight, low-wings, flying wings, STOL capable, 3D aerobatic, and even fast racers. Sport airplanes are one of the most popular choices for lovers of RC airplanes and make up the majority of the plane sector. 

Jet Planes

One of the most power-packed RC planes available is a jet airplane. They have become popular for their model designs and availability and are also one of the more solid models in the market.  

They are powered by electricity and have great design and looks. If you are new to flying radio-controlled planes, you can also go for the beginner one. These planes are impressive and provide a great flying experience that delivers a turbine-like sound and has a flying speed of 100+ mph. 

If you are a flying enthusiast looking to convert it into your passion, buying these amazing RC airplane collections is a must. Whatever your preference is, you will get many options to choose from as there are also planes for beginners. Look at reputed websites that sell these planes and helicopters at the highest quality and affordable prices.

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