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Anti-Fatigue Matting

Did you realize that standing on a flat and hard surface for even 90 minutes could cause discomfort in the feet, legs, back, neck and shoulders, along with severe pain? That’s right! Standing for prolonged periods of time can reduce blood flow to the lower extremities, causing fatigue and soreness. Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats combat these issues by providing support for your lower legs and back. If you place your weight on a soft surface, it will give way under pressure. This can relieve pressure from your body, as well as increase muscle movement to stimulate blood and oxygen flow.

The implementation of ergonomic solutions, such as anti-fatigue foam matting, can improve employee comfort and productivity.

How Comfort Is Measured

How does compression Deflection work? Compression Deflection is a measurement that determines how much pressure is applied to an anti-fatigue mat. It basically measures the softness of the mat under your feet. So, how does it work? One load is typically applied at 20 psi (pounds/square inch), which is 150-pounds. Another load is applied with 40 psi. This will give you 600 lbs. 

Understanding Material & Performance

It is vital that anti-fatigue mats are made of the best material. It directly affects its durability and performance. Anti-fatigue materials are usually made of one or more of these three materials: polyurethane (vinyl), rubber (polyurethane), or a combination of the two.

PVC (vinyl), tends to be the most used because it is a low-cost material. PVC isn’t as durable as polyurethane and rubber. PVC mats are notoriously susceptible to cracking, peeling, curling, or ripping at the edges. This can pose a danger. PVC is not as slippery as rubber. PVC mats often slip even when wet. 

Polyurethane costs more than the others. Although it is durable and offers comfort in commercial environments it doesn’t have the strength to withstand harsh industrial environments. Polyurethane tiles are suitable for oily, dry, and slightly moist environments. Polyurethane has a high heat safety, but it can only be heated to around 400 degrees. So slag is not likely to cause major damage.

Environment & Usage Tips

To choose the best mat for you, consider your needs and the quality and performance capabilities of the mat. There are anti-fatigue products available in all price ranges. However, you should remember that price can often be directly linked to performance as well as durability. You need to think about your specific environment and what the mat will do under it. It is important to choose a mat that can withstand the harsh elements of your environment, and that meets your workplace requirements.

  • Would you classify your environment in dry, moist, or wet terms?
  • Are you working in bacteria-sensitive environments?
  • Do you think your matting might be exposed to grease, oil, or chemicals?
  • Will workers use plasma cutters, grinders, or welders that create slag in their work?
  • Are you working in equipment or parts that are sensitive to static electricity?
  • Do you intend to sweep, wipe, or hose your mat clean?
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