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Bye Bye Birdie

Bird control and extraction are important for agricultural and industrial businesses. Birds can wreak havoc, so it is important to install high-quality netting to keep the birds away. This article will discuss how WeatherSolve netting can help with bird control and extraction. 

WeatherSolve Bird Control and Extraction

If you opt for bird control and extraction, it will be extremely beneficial for your business:

  • The netting is safe and doesn’t harm the birds; it prevents them from entering sensitive areas.
  • The netting will work in both small and large spaces.
  • WeatherSolve netting is perfect for home gardens, big agriculture, large warehouses, and small business.
  • Once the netting is installed, it will last for a long period of time and requires no maintenance.
  • The netting is available at different prices and is cost-effective.
  • The bird control netting is environmentally friendly and harmless. 

The canopies that are designed for bird control and extraction at WeatherSolve typically have good features such as:

  • A ground-level sealing is designed to keep the rodents at bay.
  • Some businesses require extra protection, so they install a door system; this system is commonly seen in snail farms.
  • WeatherSolve makes large-sized netting or canopies that can be more than 600 feet in size. 

There is no doubt that the bird control nettings manufactured by WeatherSolve are high-quality, durable, and capable of protecting your business from birds. 

How to Choose the Bird Netting?

Here are some tips that will be helpful for you before you buy bird netting:

Importance of the Mesh Size

When choosing bird netting, it is important to consider the mesh size. The larger the mesh size, the larger the holes in the netting will be. Large hole mesh nets are lightweight, cost less, have low visibility, and withstand strong windy conditions. 

However, most people still prefer small hole mesh nets because they do a better job of keeping the birds away. If you are unsure how to prevent birds from entering your area, you should opt for small hole mesh netting.

Here are some mesh net sizes:

¾ Inch Mesh

  • This netting is effective at stopping birds of all species and sizes.
  • Perfect for large-sized birds and sparrows.

1 1/8 Inch mesh

  • This is a medium-sized net.
  • This net effectively keeps large birds, pigeons, and starlings at bay.

2 Inch Mesh

  • This is a large-size mesh netting that is capable of preventing pigeons and other similar-sized birds from entering sensitive areas.


The material of the net is important, and you should always consider it before buying bird netting. The material will determine the complexity of the installation and where the netting can be used. 

Some bird netting varieties are made for seasonal use, while others are permanent or commercial installations. The best thing to do is to contact WeatherSolve before making a purchase.

Types of Bird Nettings

Here are three varieties of bird netting that you can choose from:

  • Knotted Bird Netting

This netting is made of nylon and polythene. The knotted structure of the netting gives it durability and stability. This netting is often used in commercial areas such as school courts, office buildings, etc.

  • Extruded Bird Netting

This netting is made of polyethylene material and has a UV stabilizer. This netting is tough and flexible. The lightweight of the netting makes it easier to install. This economical bird net is perfect for protecting fish, vegetation, and gardens.

  • Knotless Bird Netting

This type of polyethylene net is stronger than the extruded bird net but is a bit more expensive. 

  • Reaction to Fire and Heat

High-density Polythene (HDP) bird netting has a melting point of 130 degrees Celsius. When this netting is exposed to heat or fire, it will propagate fire and ignite immediately. Once of fire, the netting will drip molten plastic pieces. 

The best choice you have is to use a netting that is flame retardant. Once again, you should discuss this matter with WeatherSolve before purchasing a bird net. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

Legal Implications of using Bird Netting?

  • Permission for Planning

Permission for planning is rarely required; however, if you are in doubt, you should always take permission from the local authority. This step is necessary, especially if the netting will potentially alter the appearance of a building. 

  • Trapping the Birds

You can avoid trapping birds in the net by regularly maintaining the netting. 

How to Take Measurements for a Bird Netting? 

Before you install netting for bird control and extraction, you should take the measurements. The biggest mistake people make is they either order too much or too little netting. However, it is always better to have a large quantity of netting. 

Take measurements of where you want to install the netting, and then contact the manufacturer and make a purchase. This step will save you money, time, and effort. 

Importance of the Netting Label?

Pay close attention to the corner tell-tales and the netting label because:

  • The label will provide information about the fire rating (If the netting has a rating), color, twine construction, and mesh size.
  • The label will also give information about the longest edges; this is necessary especially when working with nettings that have the same width and length dimensions.
  • The label will aid installers when working at night or in a confined space.
  • The label is typically attached near the longest edge of the netting.
  • Please don’t eliminate the label from the net until your installation process is complete.
  • Always start the installation procedure from the longest part of the netting.
  • Tell-tales are twines of different colors that denote the corners of the netting.
  • The tell-tales will make it easier for you to identify the corners of the netting.


If you want to install netting for bird control and extraction, this article is for you. We have discussed important information regarding bird nettings and their varieties. Our focus in this article was on WeatherSolve and the quality of their netting. We concluded that WeatherSolve offers high-quality and durable netting, which will prevent the birds from entering sensitive areas.

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