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CFT Calculator: Benefits Of Using It In Shipping

When it comes to quality logistics, the freight industry is mainly about numbers. When generating a statement, it is essential to provide clients with error-free details about their consignments. Cubic footage has become an extra cost consideration, particularly concerning quantity and freight rating, which are still essential datasets.

You can quickly determine the consignment’s cubic feet (CFT) and estimate whether the shipping fits into the package opening with a CFT calculator. All the furniture and products present in the living room, dining room, kitchen, office furniture, and outdoor furniture can be used for CFT, including tables, chairs, swings, cabinets, beds, mattresses, computer desks, and so on. You can connect the dots when you learn how to evaluate the shipping charges and maximize profit. This shipping and logistics guide will help you acknowledge its usage benefits.

What Do You Understand By Cubic Feet?

Determining the CFT of your consignment is essential in the freight service. It is a unit of volume used to describe how much space your product occupies. It is also used to estimate the volume of sand and aggregates at construction sites. Hence, this number is particularly significant with:

  • Ocean freight charges for cargo based on their cubic foot volume.
  • Air freight charges are determined by the CFT of volume and weight of the shipment.

Why Is It Essential To Calculate Shipment Density?

The shipping and logistics industry streamlines and standardizes transportation activities through freight transport classification. Four factors impact freight class: density, accountability, stowability, and handling. Among them, density helps determine the freight class of the consignment. The freight class of a product dictates its packaging specifications, assuring that everything is transported safely and securely. Assessing shipment density is essential because freight class is also used to estimate shipping charges, which is quite significant.

Furthermore, ocean logistics companies will carefully evaluate the density to determine how the items will fit within the balance. It significantly impacts ocean freight costs, especially on less than container load shipping.

A Brief Idea On Freight Cost

The sum reimbursed to a courier firm for the delivery of products from the original location to a predetermined site is referred to as the freight charge, sometimes known as the freight rate. The freight cost is determined by the range between the pickup location, delivery location, and shipment manner. The price at which the freight will be shipped is affected by these criteria individually, but they are also all interdependent.

According to the incoterm guidelines for goods delivery, the shipping of products may be transferred using either freight prepaid or freight collect. Generally, there are five types of freight costs that are usually detected in commercial records: Advance freight, Dead freight, Pro-rata freight, Lump sum freight, and Back freight.

How Is Shipping Calculator Beneficial For Businesses?

Many professionals can use the CFT calculator, including producers, suppliers, carriers, independent contractors, exporters, distributors, small-scale business owners, logistics providers, etc. The calculator can also be used to compute CFT, convert CBM to CFT, and vice-versa instantly. Additionally, it makes shipping and logistics simple and quick.

It can also be used to estimate the cubic feet of goods such as sand, logs, timber, boxes, doors, fibreboard, packaging materials, products, etc. Therefore, most industries include construction, transport, steel, cement, stone, freight forwarding, import and export, packaging, shipping and logistics, and other manufacturing.


You’re well on your own to mastering the art of freight computation now that you can easily calculate the cubic feet for your shipment without any hassle. Additionally, you will get to know both the “how” and “why” behind the estimates the next time you ought to bill out shipping, giving you the knowledge you have to enhance your freight funding in the future.

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