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Clip-In Hair Extensions Tutorial: How to Install and Style?

Are you looking to add some length, volume, and color to your hair without damaging your locks? Then, clip-in hair extensions may just be what you need. Hair extensions can be temporary or semi-permanent and made of real human or synthetic hair.

This tutorial will show you how straightforward it is to install and style the best clip in hair extensions. In addition, it will provide tips on making them look natural and blend in with your hair. 

So, whether you’re looking for a quick transformation for a special event or want to add some long-term length and thickness, follow these simple steps and enjoy your new gorgeous locks.

Wash and Dry Your Hair to Remove Any Product Build-Up

Start with clean, dry hair when you’re ready to install your clip-in hair extensions. Washing and drying your hair will help remove any product build-up that could interfere with the installation process.

You can use the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type to get it clean and healthy before you start. You may want to use a clarifying shampoo to remove any excess oil from your scalp for oily hair. It will help the extensions grip your hair better and stay in place longer. 

Once your hair is clean and dry, brush it out to remove any tangles.

Comb Through Your Hair to Detangle and Section It Off 

Start with clean, dry, and styled hair when you’re ready to install your hair extensions. Next, comb through your locks to detangle any knots and section your hair into six even parts. It will help you evenly distribute the hair wefts and look natural.

If you have shorter or layered hair, you may want to backcomb the roots of each section before clipping in the hair extensions. It will help blend your natural hair with the extensions and give them extra grip.

Install the Clip-In Extensions By Clipping Them 

Next, take your first hair extension weft and clip it close to your natural hairline. Be sure to clip the extensions in at an angle to lay flat against your head. Repeat this process until all six sections have hair extensions clipped in close to the roots.

It will take some practice to get a hang of clipping in the extensions, but it will be a breeze once you get used to it.  

Style the Extensions By Pulling Them Slightly 

Lastly, use hairspray or serum to keep your flyaways in place, and your look will last all day. A hairspray contains polymers that will help grip your extensions in place. A serum has oils that weigh down the hair, making it less likely to fly away.

Whether you want long and flowing locks for a special occasion or night out or want to add some volume and fullness to your everyday style, the best clip in hair extensions can help you achieve your desired look.


It is essential to buy extensions from a reputed brand to get the best quality product. They also offer a money-back guarantee for their products. Also, don’t forget to take care of your extensions by using the right products and following a good hair care routine.

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