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Consider The Security Genetec Can Provide

Owning your own business and watching it grow and succeed is a wonderful goal for many people. But in today’s business atmosphere, there are more risks to businesses than ever before. It is important to provide several types of security to protect business interests. Physical security like door locks and safes is one type of security. Security departments to stop robberies and shoplifting is another type of security.

And, the third type of security is cybersecurity and it must not be ignored. Now, internet scammers can rob a business and its clients without even drawing a gun or entering the building in person. They do it online by stealing customer information or company information and using or selling it. They do it with malware and ransomware.

Why is Complete Security Important?

It does not matter if a person has a small company, a medium-sized business, or a large corporation. It does not matter if the business is a local one with an on-street presence or an online company. It also does not matter if the company is selling products such as clothing or jewelry, services, or information. As long as the company has monetary value and income, bad actors are there to try to rob it one way or another.

Business owners who neglect company security are in danger of suffering losses due to different kinds of theft. It is important to talk to a company such as Genetec to get information on safeguarding assets and customer information. A combination of physical and online or cyber security measures is what is needed. Business owners or management personnel need to see both physical threats and cyber threats in time to stop them. Security is no longer as simple as installing stronger door locks and catching shoplifters.

It is no longer only the store or office that is in danger. Customer information can be stolen and used causing companies to have additional liability and loss of customer trust.

What Types of Security Are there?

Security takes several forms that can include:

  • Secure locking mechanisms on exterior doors and doors to secure areas. These can be equipment such as locks opened with keys or cards or electronic locking systems that only admit registered people. Some of these door security systems can use a fingerprint, eye scan, or special code or card for entrance.
  • Alarm systems that tell personnel on-site or off-site when there is a breach of entrances, theft, or other intrusions or breaks in building security. the alarms often are followed by police or security personnel. Sensors are a similar security system that lets a property owner know when a door opens or is left open.
  • Video surveillance or security cameras can watch the outside of a building, such as the parking lot and the inside of a building. They make a record of what is happening in these areas and are usually placed in high-traffic areas. This is a way to see what is happening in and near a building.
  • Systems for emergencies such as fire. These security systems help with safe evacuation in case of an emergency.
  • Internet cybersecurity programs. These computer-based programs protect everything a company has on computers, the internet, and the cloud. Every company no matter how small or large that uses the internet has a responsibility to create a culture of safety and security for information stored there. Genetec is a cyber-security provider that offers a unified collection of building and cybersecurity measures.

The ideal security setup is all controlled by one computer program that can be accessed from several locations within a company. This format unifies the flow of data across all parts of a company security system and one interface. This makes company security easier to monitor and protect.

Some Ideas for Companies to Form a Unified Security Strategy

Having the cybersecurity format and physical security equipment is not enough. There are steps to make the total plan work efficiently:

  • Training employees at every level in basic security strategies and internet use guidelines. Train employees in the safe handling of customer information and company data.
  • Take steps to protect computers, internet networks, and information from cyber-attacks. This includes firewall security to keep outsiders from data access. Wi-Fi networks must be secured.
  • Practice regular backup of important data and information for the company. Weekly automatic backup is a good idea. Store these copies off-site or in the cloud with security firewalls.
  • Take steps to limit access to business computers and laptops. Require strong passwords and security measures. Some functions should be limited to IT staff or management personnel with high clearance. Lock up laptops that are not in use. Passwords should be changed as often as every three months.
  • Don’t forget to have a security plan for all mobile devices used by employees for company business. There should be password-protected and encrypted data as well as security apps.
  • Use only banks that use advanced security measures for online banking and payment processing services. Don’t use the same computer to handle money or process customer payments and surf the internet.

Since this can be overwhelming for many small business owners, it may be a good investment to ask for professional help in unifying and executing a whole security system. Companies such as Genetec can build a whole physical and cyber security solution that meets a company’s unique needs. Their experts can help with training company security personnel. The new security solution will be easier for everyone to monitor and will lead to better security.

Some of the most common cyber-attacks to look for include malware, viruses, ransomware, spyware, and phishing. The problem businesses face is that cyberattacks are always evolving to try to get around cybersecurity measures. The cybersecurity program must also evolve to meet every new cybersecurity threat. When new threats are possible, employees must be informed and receive training to guard against them. Employees using work-related communications improperly can cause company data breaches.

Part of every business security plan should be training all employees to be security conscious and follow company cyber security practices. 

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