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Create Your Own Soft Bob Haircut Like a Pro

How to Make a Soft Bob Haircut

A soft bob haircut is a neck-length hairstyle that can be done on all face shapes. When getting a soft blunt bob, especially on your own, you need to ensure that the C shape cut done on the hair edges comes out perfectly, as it is the main feature of this hairstyle. The more perfect the shape is, the better the bob looks.

However, this soft bob hairstyle is only limited to straight hair. The following is a step procedure on how to make a perfect soft blunt bob haircut. Take a look for inspiration.

  • Preparation 

The first step is assembling all the items that will be needed in the entire process. This helps to save time as once you begin making the cut, you will have all the tools you need within your reach.

A sharp scissor is the most important thing you should have. This is because it is the one used to shape the bob at the neck area. Gather all the other necessary equipment for washing the hair like shampoo, conditioner, and a moisturizer.

  • Clean The Hair

Thoroughly wash the hair to remove any dirt and grease that might have been left by hair products. Ensure that you also gently wash the scalp as its cleanliness has a lot of impact on the hair’s rate of growth.

Properly condition the hair and ensure that all the strands are properly hydrated. You can add some treatment to prevent the loss of hair. Moisturize the hair while still wet to prevent the scalp from drying, which can cause itching.

  • Begin The Cut

Experts recommend cutting the hair on the neckline while it is still wet, as it allows one to have control while making the precision line. Before you start making the cut, gently comb the hair following its natural fall without straining it to take a different style. Ensure that your hands are relaxed when combing them in order to reduce faults.

Partition the hair at the back of the head and then cut it into a C shape after ensuring that it reaches the neckline just above the shoulders. This allows the bob haircut to fall freely on the neckline.

It is advisable that you cut the hair below the crown while it is still wet and the rest of the hair while dry as this allows you to see its exact length on the bob haircut. This is the best way of ensuring that your bob is of even length.

Use scissors and a small toothed comb to make the edges even. A reversible texturizer pair of scissors is the best for smoothening the edges as it equalizes them at the same time creating an even texture.

Once the hair at the back and crown of the head have dried up and are evenly shaped, it is time to cut the bangs. Blow-dry the hair on the sides so that you get its exact size while trimming the bob. This allows you to know the right position to cut without making any assumptions, as this will affect how the entire bob haircut style will look.

  • Finishing 

Use the reversible texture scissors to trim any hanging edges on the bangs and create a smooth texture on your hair. These reversible texture scissors give you a guide on how to make the final trim using regular scissors.

Choose a baseline for our bob haircut. This is like making a decision on the desired length of your soft blunt bob. This is what you will use to trim the bob to the size that you want it to be. The position of the baseline is usually dependent on the shape of our face as well as our personal preferences.

At this point, you can choose the way you want your bob to be styled. It is styled by either partitioning it in the middle or on the side then, leaving the bangs to hang freely. Choose any blonde shade to dye the already completed soft blunt bob haircut.

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