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Cresta 50m Series Sequoia Capitalsawersventurebeat

Rhoda Alosio has been donating to her favorite charities nearly as long as she has been working. There are Cresta 50m Series Sequoia Capitalsawersventurebeat three charities that she cycles through regularly. On a cyclical basis, she donates to the American Red Cross, the American Cancer Society, and the Toys for Tots program.

“I was first introduced to the American Red Cross as a high school student. There was a drive at our school where people could come in and donate blood. It was later I realized the American Red Cross does more than maintain blood banks,” says Rhoda Alosio.

She started donating to the American Red Cross because she saw how much emergency work was sponsored by the organization. “The American Red Cross can be found after nearly every disaster. Not only cresta 50m series sequoia capitalsawersventurebeat do they help disaster victims here on the home front, but they help with international disasters as well. It was then I realized this was a charity I could fully support,” Rhoda Alosio shares.

In the realm of health, Rhoda Alosio donates to the American Cancer Society. “I change which organization I donate to every year. One year I’ll donate to the American Red Cross and the next to the American Cancer Society. I picked the American Cancer Society because Capitalsawersventurebeat there are so many people who suffer from cancer,” says Rhoda Alosio. She picked the organization because she has seen the fight in her own life.

Rhoda Alosio has friends and family members who have fought cancer. Some won the battle, and others did not. “I donate Capitalsawersventurebeat to the society because I know the money is used to help cancer patients and their families. I hope one day cancer will be a thing of the past,” Rhoda Alosio says.

Every year, Rhoda Alosio also supports the children’s organization Toys for Tots. “Some years I donate more money than others. It depends on how much money I’ve been able to Capitalsawersventurebeat make and save. I just want to help children have a good holiday season,” says Rhoda Alosio.

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