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Dispensary DC – Everything That You Must Know!

After it has been made legalized in Washington DC, on the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes, there have been set some laws as well. One has to be over the age of twenty-one years to be eligible for having up to two ounces. More to that, even though it is legalized to consume marijuana for recreational reasons but dealers cannot sell it directly through dispensary DC. One needs to deal in other products and upon the sale of it, he can include the marijuana along with the purchase as a gift. This is known as Initiative 71 or the I-71. This too has some mandatory features and guidelines to be followed by all the dispensaries in DC. 

 Facts on dispensary DC I-71

In Washington DC, I-71 is a ballot measure that has been approved by the voters into decriminalizing marijuana. Under this initiative, all people over the age of 21 can have up to two ounces of marijuana to meet their recreational reasons. One can even not grow more than six plants in their home of which three can be mature and three need to be immature. But there was a situation in it as well. under this 1-71, there was no regulatory system mentioned on the sale of marijuana nor about the dispensary DC was there a mention anywhere. This brought the responsibility upon the DC council to take care of.

Since the law behind legalizing the consumption of marijuana for recreational purposes in Washington DC says that one cannot sell it directly but give it as a gift so, a new frame of distribution was planned. It was decided that the dealers shall sell other items such as merchandise, art, and any other things at the price of marijuana and upon the purchase of that product, the customer shall get the marijuana as a gift. So basically you shall be choosing your favorite strain but along with it buy some other product and pay the price for your strain on that and get your strain as a gift. 

Features about I-71 compliance by Dispensary DC

It is mandatory in Washington DC that, each legal dispensary whether walk-in or online needs to follow the I-71 guidelines while continuing their operations. In fact, it makes it easier for buyers to differentiate between legal and illegal dispensaries and buy their products with confidence. The guidelines that they need to abide by have been discussed below:

  • Product Quality

Under this compliance system, it is mandatory that only quality products must be put on sale. So if you wish to have the best quality marijuana, you must visit a dispensary.

  • Cannot Sell Marijuana

This system does not allow a dealer to sell marijuana directly to the customer. He should instead sell other products at the price of each marijuana strain he deals in. a customer shall buy the product and along with it shall get his favorite marijuana for free.

  • The Staff Must Be Knowledgeable

The rule makes it very clear that all the staff that is employed in a particular dispensary under I-71, must have very good knowledge about the various marijuana that they have. They shall be efficient enough to handle customer queries at the time of purchase.

  • The Dispensary Must Have Great Reviews

It is very important too under this rule of dealing in marijuana that the dispensary should have a lot of quality reviews. Reviews ascertain its customer service abilities and also the quality of products it deals in. Quality is the number one priority under this system so it is very essential to have good customer reviews.

  • Transparent Way Of Running The Dispensary

The dispensaries must be very transparent in their business operations. It is not only limited to clean financial dealings but also lets the customers know about the process of arranging marijuana too. They must make the customers aware of each of their aspects so that people can buy the product with confidence.

So, under these guidelines, you can certainly get hold of the free marijuana gift from legal dispensaries following the I-71 norms. One of such great places that you can find in Washington DC is surely Gifted curators which have a weed and street art gallery.

Gifted Curators

Here at gifted curators when you walk in you shall be introduced to a world of digital prints and graffiti. You can easily pick the ones that you wish along with trying their bar for free offers of Sativa, Indica, edibles, pre-rolls, and many other types of marijuana too. Their products are one of a kind and are very reasonably priced. Not only as walk-ins but also have the option for ordering online too. 

They are always very welcoming and put in every effort to gift you the best product along with providing good knowledge about the same as well. You are sure to get the product of your choice with confidence as they follow the I-71 guidelines very strictly. Some of the free gifts that they have on offer for you are Indica, Hybrid Exotics, Sativa, edibles, pre-rolls, and a lot more other items.

You have the choice of buying online which shall be picked up on the next day in case the order has been made after 8:00 pm. You also have the choice of walking directly to their dispensary any day from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm and seeing your favorite strain and choosing it directly. You got to buy from them using cash and to make it easier for you they have a safe mode ATM installed in their dispensary.

People love to visit them and this is the reason why they have got more than two thousand reviews and five-star reviews on their products and services. Even during any issues related to your purchase you can get in touch with them easily. They have a very efficient team of employees who are always ready to help. All across Washington DC and Maryland and Virginia, they offer their services.

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