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Do’s And Don’ts Of Working With Personal Training Clients

Personal trainers should be mindful of certain things to maintain professionalism with clients. Also, there are things that are expected of every personal trainer or fitness coach. As a personal trainer, when working with clients just give your best guidance and be mindful of your personal conduct. 

Fitness facilities can also include rules guiding personal trainers in My PT software. Personal trainers must have a core value of maintaining a professional relationship with their clients. That being said, they should also keep the balance of making their training sessions both challenging and fun. 

Below are some of the dos and don’ts of a personal trainer.

Here Are Five Things A Personal Trainer Should Do When Working With A Personal Training Client

Always Be At The Top Of Your Game

Potential clients are always watching to see if they would choose you as their personal trainer or not, therefore there is no room for mistakes. Set the hurdles for each training appropriately and also endeavor to be punctual. Doing will not only make you look good as a trainer, but it will also help attract new clients.

 Your clients would always be satisfied knowing that you are giving them your best. This also creates an excellent working history for you as a personal trainer. There is also a high chance of your clients referring you to other clients due to how satisfied they are with you. 

Being at the top of your game is one of the best things to do as a personal trainer, most especially when working with a new client. 

Keep Your Certification Up-To-Date

Clients will be confident in your work knowing that you backed up with an updated certification. It is very vital that a personal trainer should take more Courses and Programs in Personal Training. The fitness industry dynamics would always change and evolve, therefore there is a need for personal trainers to stay updated. 

Being fit alone as a personal trainer won’t be enough to attract good clients therefore there is a need for a personal trainer to be very knowledgeable. Knowing the changes in the fitness industry can help a trainer know how best to help clients. 

Respect Gym’s Policies

A personal trainer who rents at a gym must respect all stipulated gym policies. A personal trainer should never ignore gym policies just to please a client, or for some selfish purpose. Obeying all gym policies shows how professional you are as a personal trainer.

Being a personal trainer working under a particular gym, it can be very tough to obey all policies.  Despite all, respecting all gym policies can help you retain your job as a personal trainer long enough to get your own gym. A gym’s policies have a lot it helps to control when working with a personal training client.

When working with a new client always make sure to give them the gym’s policies and make sure they abide by them. Always call out a client when they disrespect any policy or simply report to the management. 

Believe In Your Client’s Abilities

Losing faith in a client is one of the worst things a personal trainer can do to their client. A new client who wants to get into shape needs time and lots of support from the personal trainer to grow. It is the job of the personal trainer to always believe in the client to enable them to grow faster.

 A personal trainer must believe in their client’s ability to handle some certain kind of intense training. When personal trainers believe in their clients it helps to boost their morale and interest to train hard and make better health choices. Also keeping track of a client’s progress can be a way of showing how much you believe in your client as a trainer.  

Always Be Organized

Being organized says a lot about a trainer. Having everything used by clients ready and in place for each session shows how professional and dedicated you are to your work. Being organized as a trainer working under a particular gym with a lot of clients coming in and going out can be very challenging but, it pays.

A personal trainer who wishes to stay organized at all times can also make use of All-In-One Personal Training Software to keep all client schedules and sessions and progress results all in place. An organized trainer can easily access any important progress results of any client without any hassle. A personal trainer must endeavor to stay organized at all times, especially when working with a personal training client.  

Here Are Five Things A Personal Trainer Should Not Do When Working With A Personal Training Client 

Never Gossip About Other Clients

A personal trainer must keep all information about every client confidential. Under no circumstance should a trainer talk about a client to other clients, doing so shows how unprofessional a trainer is. As a personal trainer, you are in a professional relationship with your client. 

When clients notice that their confidential information is being leaked, they are most likely to withdraw or quit. Gossip is very bad for any relationship and should be avoided at all costs, therefore a trainer should be mindful of the kind of conversation to have with each and every client. Be very secretive as a trainer and never talk about a client. 

Every client would be open to entrusting their information to you as a trainer knowing fully well it would be confidential 

Never Compare Your Client’s 

Comparison can kill the zeal of a client. Comparing one client’s progress with another can make a client lose interest in working with you. A trainer must understand that every client progresses at their own pace, therefore any form of comparison must be avoided. Give each client what they can handle based on their progress. 

Every client will grow eventually in a field devoid of comparison. Some clients would never accept being compared to others. No good relationship would be peaceful if there is any form of comparison. For most clients when being compared to others might lead to a disagreement and quarrel between the client and the trainer.

Only give a client reasons to work hard and make wise health choices but, never compare.

Never Use The Same Workout Routine For Every Client

Every client is not the same. Using the same workout for every client would only affect their progress in a very negative. A personal trainer must study every client, and understand them, before devising the best workout routine for each client. A personal trainer should never make the mistake of using the same workout routine when working with a personal training client. 

This would only make the trainer look incompetent. Some clients might find it so difficult to keep up with a workout routine that does suit their fitness level. Clients would feel cheated knowing that they are all using the same workout routine. 

A personal trainer must strive to create a personable, customized plan for each client.

Never Ignore The Importance Of Nutrition

Nutrition is one of the most important things in fitness. Without proper nutrition, all workouts would go to waste eventually. It is important to remember that Nutrition and fitness work hand in hand.

 A personal trainer must make sure that all clients’ workout is backup by a proper nutritional plan. Malnutrition in fitness can be detrimental to the body. Hence a personal trainer must try to keep track of client’s nutrition levels and help them understand the importance of proper nutrition in fitness.

When clients do not understand the importance of nutrition there is a high chance of slow progress. When educating clients about nutrition, make it a fun lecture to enable them to understand it better. Ignoring a client’s nutritional speaks badly of the personal trainer. 

Never Get Distracted 

Giving your client undivided attention during every session, without being distracted shows how competent you are as a personal trainer. When you always focus on your client during sessions, it would be easy to detect any change in their body. Distractions are the enemy of success. 

Distractions like phone calls and texts might ruin a session, so it would be best to keep phones on silent and out of reach during sessions. Also never get distracted by other trainers or other people coming into the gym. The fact that you are focused during sessions would also help your clients stay focused. 

Clients are likely to keep you long as their personal trainer, due to how focused and dedicated you are in keeping them fit. It is very crucial that a trainer stays focused when working with a personal training client.

In Conclusion

A personal trainer must have a good knowledge of the dos’ and don’ts of working with personal training clients. This would help any personal trainer maintain a good professional relationship without any falter. Clients would be happy working with you when they see how much effort you put into following the proper guidelines as a personal trainer.

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