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Essential Equipment Every Automotive Business Needs

Starting an auto repair business or an automotive business that involves repair and maintenance requires a lot of planning. Not only do you have to pay for your space and account for various overheads, but you also have to invest a good chunk of money in high-level equipment. A single piece of equipment in this business can cost in the low to mid five figures, and you will need to buy several pieces of equipment to even start calling yourself a shop, which is why you need to take your time and plan your budget carefully. Let’s take a look at some of the most crucial pieces of equipment you’ll need to get started.

An Air Compressor

No automotive business can start without an air compressor. This is what will power virtually every tool in your workshop, and you need to buy one with the right specifications for what you’re trying to do.

You’ll need to look at how many workers you have, how much pressure and compressed air you’ll need, and your electric setup. You will also need to learn about different types of air compressors as some are better suited for your automotive businesses than others. If you want to learn more about air compressors, you can visit

A Vehicle Lift

This is another piece of equipment you will need to get started, but normally, the vehicle lift is included with the space. In the rare case where you’ll have to buy the lift yourself, you need to look at size and capacity and make sure that you have the right power setup for the model you want. Other things you’ll need to look at include safety features and whether you should go with a 2-post or 4-post lift depending on the type of vehicles you’re going to work on.

Oil Caddy and Drain

Oil drains and caddies are used to perform oil changes and to remove oil from oil tanks for repairs. They are a must for any garage as most will need to perform these types of procedures.

Battery Charger and Jumper

You will also get a few cases where a car won’t start because of a dead battery. This is why you’ll need to invest in a battery charger and jumper cables. There is no need to go over the top here, however, since this will only be used in a few cases.

Engine Hoist

All garages have to remove engines from time to time and you will need a strong engine hoist or hoists that can handle the heaviest engines you will be working on. Engine hoists are used for rebuilds, replacements, and certain repairs and will be essential for the safety of your workers and to prevent damage to engines, so be very careful with your choice here and don’t go for the cheapest option.

These are some of the main pieces of equipment that you’ll need to start servicing clients. You will need many others, however, so do your research on all the equipment that you need and sit down with a financial advisor to make sure that you actually have the finances needed to start this kind of business.

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