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RV Repair Advice

If you own a recreational vehicle (RV), you treat it like a piece of art. Having a motorhome provides you access to adventure, allowing you to feel at home in whatever new place you visit. While an RV may be comfortable, you will run into some problems if you’re on the road for a long time.

Several factors influence how much the repairs will cost. Whether you decide to do the RV repair yourself is a big deal, or take it to a shop. A good and cost-effective conclusion can only be achieved if as much information as possible is gleaned from the issue and repair.

RV repair and maintenance expenditures may be expensive at times. Fortunately, because of our information era, you don’t need to call your technician for every RV issue you experience immediately. Some parts that do not need expert help are: –

1. Quick Fixes

Things are sure to go wrong when you’re on the road. Fortunately, many RV components may be easily replaced. Lighting, for example, may fail. Spare bulbs will allow you to replace a faulty one quickly. To prevent electric shocks and burns, turn the switch off before changing light bulbs.

Your RV’s windows and seams are also vulnerable to damage. Water or debris may harm them. A screwdriver and RV sealant are all you need to replace or reseal them.

2. Water-Seal Roof

Damage to an RV’s roof may cost up to $3,000. Water damage may be avoided if you closely check your roofs, skylights, vents, and other spots where water might get in. Use spot seals to keep your RV in motion to save a trip to the repair shop.

Keep a can of lap sealant on hand since it’s great for resealing trouble spots. You can buy lap sealant on Amazon or at a Home Depot for a fraction of the price. However, scraping off the old sealant is required before applying a new one.

However, other parts cannot easily be replaced by rookies and require the help of professionals such as Trademasters.

About Trademasters

For more than three decades, Trademasters has worked tirelessly to find answers to our customers’ daily issues.

Trademasters have provided the Fraser Valley with heavy-duty hauling accessories and commodities for over three decades. There is a local family that owns and operates the company.

Our commitment to you extends to:

  1. Knowledgeable and friendly employees
  2. Hire only the most experienced and well-trained mechanics to handle the installation of your trailer or vehicle’s add-ons.
  3. Estimates are simple and well-documented, so you know where your money is going.
  4. After the work is completed, a phone call will be made to see how things are doing and ensure everything is to your satisfaction.
  5. We strive to provide prompt service because we respect the time you have invested in us.
  6. Authentic advice about how to best care for your car

Expert Repairs Trademasters Offers

1. RV Maintenance and Repair Services

Trademasters can help you with anything related to RVs, from the engine to deta full-service RV repair and maintenance shop. We may customize your weekend escape by adding solar panels and electrical curtains. Knowing that your RV will appear brand new when we’re done refurbishing gives you confidence.


We know many owners forget to maintain RV bearing and braking systems, resulting in costly breakdowns. We have a quality check that demands a 30-point inspection of RV axles to protect your safety and the safety of other drivers. The bearing of the tires are checked, the components are cleaned, the battery and lights are tested under load, and the brakes are repaired during this examination.

3. When using a fifth wheel or bumper pull

For recreational vehicles (RVs), axle flipping is a method of moving the suspension to sit over the axle rather than beneath it. This provides a risk-free and budget-friendly method of gaining more height above the ground.

If a subframe lift isn’t adequate, you could look into it. Adding steel pipes underneath a vehicle’s frame rails is a way to raise the car if an axle flip is not adequate.

4. Repairs to the subfloor

RV repair professionals will seal the vehicle’s seams, ducts, doors, and edges to prevent water leakage. Aside from roof and rot repairs, we also evaluate the electricity cables and aid you in submitting insurance claims as part of our service offerings to our customers. Our expertise extends to dealing with damage caused by accidents as well as customizing the interior to meet your individual needs.

Whether your trailer’s heating and gas systems have been destroyed or gotten old, or the outside has been scuffed, we’re here to help you.

5. Enhancements to RVs

Take a break from your daily life and enjoy the wonders of deserted locations by contacting us, and we’ll equip your vehicle with powerful solar panels. As a bonus, this renewable and clean form of energy is ideal for producing emergency electricity in the case of a power failure.

What Makes Us Special

We are the go-to source for campers since we have everything they need to make their trips better, including utilities and accessories. Both the work-quality and interpersonal skills are very important to our certified RV Technicians. Choosing us to help you repair your RV means that you can ensure that the work done will be extremely appropriately.

We satisfy each and every need of our customers. In addition, we provide complete service and electric packages as part of our pricing structure.

Contact Us

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve helped many people in Canada locate reliable RV related services for the last several decades.

Obtain in touch with us during our office-hours to obtain a free estimate, and we’ll help you decide which repair option is best for you and your RV. 

You can trust us to take care of any necessary maintenance on your RV so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

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