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Top Five Excel Formulas For Sum, Subtraction Average

Did you know before Microsoft’s office how difficult it is to arrange data and keep records of businesses and institutions? When Microsoft Office did not exist then, people used a lot of paper, and writing all the data took a lot of time and took more time in the office. When computers came on the market, people started to use them for office purposes and education. When Microsoft Office was created and came then, it changed everything because it provided a lot of features such as writing reports or making notes using MS word and using excel office in business and office. It changed everything because it helped to solve business problems in seconds, to solve mathematics problems, make charts of data, develop reports of the accounting business, and save a lot of data in Excel. Through Microsoft Excel, you can save physical storage and time. So there are the top five excel formulas we commonly use we will discuss in this article.

Top five excel formulas.

There are hundreds or thousands of formulas in Microsoft Excel from them. Some formulas are used daily in business and at other offices. In excel, we use addition, subtraction, averaging, count, if function, Max and Min, and many different formulas and functions. 


This formula or function is most popularly used in excel. In the sum formula, you have to select all the numbers you want to sum, and it performs an additional role in terms of mathematics. For example, if you give salary to eight employees of the month, then write =SUM(C1, C2, C3,…C8). Then after clicking, you will get the result of how much you need to pay them. This formula helps you solve thousands of sum numbers in seconds.


In this function or formula, we find the average of real things, which we use to find the average between things that a person does at a different time. In this formula, you have to focus on selecting all cells in which you want to see the average and find the average of sales on different days of the week. “Average (C1, C2, C3)” to enter. Then automatically, it will give you results. Second, this formula is also primarily used in business and daily life. 


Count formula excels used to count all numerical numbers or to add all sales written in the form of numerical or text. In this formula, you do not need to select cells, but this formula is used for numbers. Suppose you wrote all day’s sales in number or text and you want to all add, then use this count function. Just write ‘Count()’ for performing this function.


You know that mainly four essential operations are used in mathematics, and Subtraction is also one of their operations. It is also primarily used in daily life. In excel Subtraction formula is used in two ways. First, you have to write =15-5 when you enter on click; then you will get the result ten. Another way, there is no function of subtraction, but you have to use the Sum formula for it. For example, SUM( 70, -13, -50,60), you will get 67. So this way, you can use this most famous formula in excel.

Calculating percentage formula 

You know, in business and the workplace mostly people use word percentage, discount, and commission and it is the function of mathematics and this formula is also mostly used in excel. When you want to calculate a percentage in excel, write =part/total, then click enter. You will get results in percentage. If you’re going to give a discount on anything or reduce the price by 25%, then here is the formula for it =Price*1-Discount℅ you will easily find a deal on anything. 


These are five excel formulas of Microsoft Office primarily used daily and in business for performing mathematics. You know that in addition to giving equal marks and writing sum, then select all and click to get a result, you also know how to find average using the excel average formula, also use the count formula for all numbers to see total sales, and might be you surprised to know that there is no subtraction formula in excel. Still, you can use it differently, and finally, we know how to find percentages and discounts using excel formulas. These are the top five formulas for Excel Microsoft Office used by people daily and to perform business functions.

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