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Facebook Flyers Becomes Facebook Ads

Facebook had flyers ad networks called; Facebook Flyers Basic (CPM Flyers Ad Network within Facebook), and Facebook Flyers Pro (CPC Flyers Ad Network within Facebook). Many blogs, especially affiliate blogs had posts about these services such as “how to cheat the $50/day limit”, “affiliate link banning”, etc.

Facebook will be discontinuing the flyers services and started an ad service called Facebook Ads or Facebook Social Ads.

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Here’s the explanation of Facebook Social Ads from Facebook:

Facebook Social Ads
Social Ads leverage the power of Facebook News Feed by serving relevant stories about friends engaging with your business.

New Facebook Ads also has service called “Facebook Pages”. Basically you can create a Facebook page for a company, product, artist, etc. and promote it. Here’s an example of a Facebook Page. Creating a Facebook page is free, you pay to promote it.

Here’s the description of Facebook Pages from Facebook:

Establish an interactive presence on Facebook.

Every Facebook Page is a unique experience where users can become more deeply connected with your business or brand. Users can express their support by adding themselves as a fan, writing on your Wall, uploading photos, and joining other fans in discussion groups. You can send updates to your fans regularly — or just with special news or offers. Add applications to your Page and engage your users with videos, reviews, flash content, and more. Creating a Facebook Page is easy, free, and great for all types of businesses.

If you are an affiliate marketer or online marketing professional, Facebook Ads might a great place to run highly targeted ad campaigns.

I’ll be creating a test campaign and blog about it with details and screenshots to help the beginners.

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