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Fun Ways to Learn English at Home

Learning English is an important skill to gain in today’s life. It is an international language and can give you amazing success in your communication skills worldwide. English breaks the barrier of language and helps everyone to interact with each other freely. 

Learning English is very easy but can be difficult when learning from home. It is because of not enough interest or passion in the task. When learning from offline tuition or language classes learners have passion and they do not get bored easily.

 But do not worry there are numerous ways to make learning English fun and more enjoyable. Join an TEFL online English course by AmazingTalker.

Fun Ways to Learn English at Home:

  1. Enjoy! Watch English films and TV series without subtitles

Learning English by watching English movies is a great way to learn faster. The best thing about learning English with movies is that the words and sentences are represented correctly for normal conversations.

 You can find different movies according to your learning tone. If you want to learn formal English that is normally used in office or corporate sectors, watch detective or courtroom movies. 

English has many variants like British English, American English, and Canadian English, you can learn the differences very accurately through different movies. It will be difficult at first, but just turn on the subtitles and focus on what the characters are saying and you will learn them very fast.

2. Let’s Playing Scrabble

If you played scrabble in your classroom with your friends ditching your teacher, trust me you had an amazing childhood. The Best part is you can still play scrabble to make learning English more fun. 

Researchers say playing scrabble is very effective for learning English faster. When you are bored by small words, try to play with bigger words or even sentences, it won’t be illegal to break small rules for betterment will it be?

 If you do not have anyone to play scrabble physically try playing online scrabble, for this you just need an internet connection and a smartphone or computer and you are ready to go.

3. Find an English Speaking Penpal 

Learning English has many uses in real life and the biggest use is speaking to others. Somehow writing and speaking English are very different than it seems. You can write English just by knowing the basic rules but for speaking English you need hard practice. 

And for that reason having a speaking pen pal is very important. Speaking pen pal is a conversation partner who will speak with you in English and mark your speaking flaws. A speaking pen pal can be anyone including your teacher, friend, parents, or even strangers who know English properly. You can also join an online course to practice English.

4. Listen to Podcasts About Various Topics 

Listening to audio podcasts is another fun way to learn English from home. This will improve your English hearing sense and also improve your vocabulary. You can listen to different kinds of podcasts depending on your taste in entertainment. If you like sports listen to sports commentary, for daily news there are radio channels that can help you.

 For regular entertainment shows, celebrity talk shows will be the best option for you, there you can learn more about your favorite celebrity and learn English at the same time. You can listen to them on radio or YouTube, there are YouTube channels that publish old recorded episodes which will help you to enrich your audio collection.

5. Read Fashion Magazines, Comics, or Something you’re Eager to Know!

One of the most enjoyable ways to kill time is reading fashion magazines and comics. We all read them at the dentist’s appointment, waiting for someone at the restaurants, at home waiting for our food, now we have to change one thing.

 And that is language, just read the English language or comics from now on to make learning English more enjoyable, this way you can understand the context even better. If you like reading novels or poems you can try English novels and poems. They are really good and they will improve your English skills at the same time too. If you like Japanese here you can find a Japanese tutor for a low cost.

6. Use English as a Tool to Discover Your Interests

The best way to make learning English more fun is to accept it in your mind and use it everywhere. If you think it is just like your electricity bill that you have no use for any other place, you are wrong. 

English is used everywhere and you will find English texts everywhere on this earth, from general stores to pharmacies and schools to the military everywhere. So from now on, think in English, make a daily routine in English and every day learn something new in English. 

It is a very effective way according to many researchers. In general, use English as a tool to discover your interests. 


In this article, we discussed how you can make your English learning more interesting and enjoyable from home. If you follow the above advice you can enjoy and learn at the same time. These methods are very effective for learning from home. Although you understand that all methods are not for everyone so you have to choose the best option for you.

However, these are not the only enjoyable ways to learn English from home. One of the best ways is to hire an online tutor who will teach you English properly and help you practice different terms. For that you can visit AmazingTalker which is an online tutor platform where you can learn from the best tutors, such as English tutor, Spanish tutor or even more Math tutor around the world.

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