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Get into the Real World of Asian Fashion and Style

Fashion is something I find in my blood and this blog is a better articulation of how I feel. I sought an uncomplicated girly website where I could share my views on fashion with other fashion lovers. I finally settled on Asian Fashion Blog, as being technically challenged and it was easy. It’s really exciting here and satisfies zeal of a seventh-grader in me; as I religiously stalk my blog and my heart would skip a beat whenever I get a comment. It gives a balmy and wooly feeling every time.

Here my blog especially features fashion prevalent in Asian Countries and present you all the vital updated information on the same. Here I’m besieged to carry my blog into the ‘real world’ with Asian Fashion, Asian Style, Asian Clothing, Asian Models, Asian Designers and Asian Shows.

As for starting up this blog and continuing to blog even more recurrently than earlier, I attribute it to the ‘freshness’ of my blogs. As in a relationship, in the beginning everything is new and exciting as you get to know the other person and watch your relationship grow and mature. Every up and every down is a significant moment. Then the honeymoon phase sooner or later wears off and you reach a happy medium, where your relationship becomes a part of your every day life. With any luck, you will live gladly ever after in this state with a few surprises here and there to spice up the norm.

Evidently I’m in the honeymoon stage with my Asian Fashion Blog. Here I am initially exploring new thing altogether, demanding to figure out what works best for the both of us (me and my pages). Every new post is going to be an escapade. Every comment and email will add up excitement. I want to spend every moment of everyday with it, scrutinizing on its evolution i.e. stalking the traffic, the incoming -outgoing links etc. oh! What a thrilling feeling that I’d just over and done on!

When you are young, you’re encircled by spur and have all the time in the world to take it in and read up on the hottest styles and personality trends. Whereas, in the real world, with endless struggle of survival, you get so caught up with verve of life that you scarcely have moment to stop and be in awe of your environs and be stimulated and energized by it. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe you still love to drool over dazzling dresses, Silk nightgown and latest bags and ponder over the merits of the hottest trends, but just not as regularly anymore. Blogging that I have started is something that I love doing, not just a chore, to introduce you to the all new world of fashion.

Marco Polo
Marco Polo
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