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Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer: Top Tips When Lawyering Up

It’s a fact that injuries at the workplace can occur. What follows after an injury can be an extremely unpleasant experience if you don’t play your cards right. After the event of injury, you will have to gather evidence, and lawyer up to avoid burdening yourself financially. 

You can avoid dramatic financial setbacks if you choose the right lawyer who will apply expertise to find the right settlement for you. That being said, not every employee will have to hire an attorney to obtain the compensation they deserve.

However, for those that opt to lawyer up or are forced to, below we share some valuable information that might help you on your journey towards justice.

How to find the best lawyer

Although difficult, picking the right lawyer will ultimately decide the outcome of the court’s final decision. Your list of potential lawyers should be filled with expert individuals that possess extensive expertise in the field of workers’ compensation.

That being said, you can rely on the testimonials that are listed on the lawyer in question’s personal website. Going on, in the age of social media, you can easily find reviews for any service or product, so make sure to check the public opinion on that particular lawyer.

However, your best course of action is to look for local lawyers that fully understand the particular domestic law and have previously worked with the local judge and jury. For instance, if you are in the Philadelphia area, it’s only reasonable to look for the best workers comp lawyer Philadelphia has to offer.

When to lawyer up

After a work-related injury, you will have to file an insurance claim in order to protect yourself and ensure that you will be financially compensated. In most cases, the insurance will cover all your medical expenses and on top of that, provide coverage for missed wages.

Insurance companies will not dispute claims that involve obvious work-related injuries. In addition to that, cases, where the injured individual doesn’t require extensive medical treatment and is not permanently injured, will get covered by the insurance company.

However, there are times when you will require professional and legal help in order to obtain what you are legally entitled to. Some of those situations include:

Denied claim

There are instances where the insurance company can outright deny your claim. In this case, you will have to consult a lawyer and work closely with them to find the best course of action.

Most of the time, insurance companies will try to dispute that your injury was not work-related or that it was due to your own carelessness. However, if you have the right evidence, you can work with your lawyer to properly present your case at the hearing.

You have a preexisting condition 

If you sustain a work-related injury on a body part that you’ve previously injured, the insurance company will work hard to deny your claim. The insurance company will likely state that the state of your current injury status is due to your preexisting condition rather than the current work-related injury.

How a lawyer can help you

If you are no longer able to work, you will need all the help you can get. A lawyer will help you get the maximum benefits of workers’ comp and structure them so that they will last you for a long time.

Furthermore, if you are already receiving government benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance, and if you are on the path to securing workers’ comp benefits, it’s highly likely that your SSDI  benefits will be reduced.

A professional lawyer will be able to minimize the reduction and enable you to enjoy the benefits of both SSDI and workers’ compensation.

Bottom line

Knowing what steps to take just after an injury can be inexplicably beneficial to you. In the event of an injury, you should act fast and look for an experienced lawyer that will help should your claim be denied.

In addition to that, if a lawyer is involved, it’s highly likely that you will be awarded a much bigger settlement as they know the ins and outs of the legal system. If you are already receiving government benefits, make sure to communicate that with your lawyer.

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