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How ACE Money Transfer became a Global Digital Front-Runner for Cross-Border Payments?

A UN employee working in the medical field in Ghana uses her phone’s app to transfer 1000 pounds. On the other side, in Indonesia, a clerk at a small supermarket can count out the equivalent in cash Indonesian rupees to her grandma in less than a second. A Managing Director living in the UK uses an app to deposit £ 5,000 instantly into his Pakistani bank account for savings. His bank is ready to transfer the equivalent immediately into his account a few minutes later. Millions of other global overseas workers across the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland use ACE’s swift services to send money online to their families back home.

YES! That is how simple and easy ACE Money Transfer’s process for remittance is!

On the other hand, money flows worldwide in a sophisticated process that involves sending petabytes or bits of data between numerous countries. ACE Money Transfer knows that when people travel, send money, send products, and use services and technology, it leaves a trade trail. When these channels are systematically conducted, good things happen naturally: a rising generation is educated, remittances raise struggling nations, developed economies are revitalized, and natural disasters are minimized.

ACE Money Transfer provides over 1.3 million consumers from 375,000 payment locations worldwide. Furthermore, the fintech powerhouse has made technical advancements in its digital payment infrastructure, propelling it to the forefront of cross-border money transfers.

But how did that happen?

A Brief History of ACE’s Glory

ACE Money Transfer officially opened in a modest Bolton, UK store with few facilities and a limited user base environment. With persistence, hard work, and a lot of desire, ACE Money Transfer created a network of over 350,000 Payout sites and 1.3 million consumers worldwide. The company’s hallmark is to overcome obstacles, innovate, and grow.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, the Polish Financial Service Regulator KNF in Poland, AUSTRAC in Australia, and FINTRAC in Canada recognize and regulate ACE as an Authorized Payment Institution (API). Even if ACE has outperformed its competition, it will always value its customers’ demands and strive to remain the first choice for remitters worldwide.

How does Remittance in ACE work?

Customers may initiate a transaction online, using the mobile app, or in person at an agent location. Their recipient can collect the funds in the most convenient method for them, paid out at retail or into a bank account, wallet, or card, if accessible. 

Customers that use ACE’s digital services have several ways to finance their purchases, including credit cards, bank accounts, and cash.

Digital Remittance Leader

ACE Money Transfer has been on a roll recently, including double growth both before and after the epidemic; an increasing number of consumers worldwide are embracing its digital payment systems to send money to family and friends. The mission motivates ACE to add value to individuals, businesses, and society. ACE Money Transfer is dedicated to transferring money and payments quicker and further than any other company. So, making an online money transfer to 100+ countries from the UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland is secure, swift, and convenient with ACE Money Transfer.

Within a year, its income from digital money transfer systems increased, and the company gained a profit of £1.195 million. Furthermore, this profit kept on increasing by a whopping £ 1.68 million. Interestingly, the fintech leader increased revenue by 45 per cent in the first quarter of 2021.

Most of the company’s success can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to improving its customers’ online experience. This includes the following:

  • Improving transparency in the transaction flow 
  • Shorter registration periods
  • Web performance at its best

As an outcome of these enhancements, ACE Money Transfer’s money transfer app was downloaded more frequently than its competitors.

Rapidly Growing Customers

The United Kingdom, France, Australia, Pakistan, and Germany are the top five nations driving ACE Money Transfer’s digital development. Aside from leading digital money transfers internationally, it is also the market leader in all five countries, save the United Kingdom. Customer-to-customer transactions climbed by 9% due to the improved digital experience, highlighted by a 77 per cent rise in digital money transfer transactions. Consequently, the service provider had the most active website users ever, with around 1.3 million active visitors.

Leading Cross-border Remittance Swiftly

Undoubtedly, ACE Money Transfer has created the most exceptional money transfer network, transcending all boundaries and being unrestrained by currency. Here’s some context. Its global network coverage spans over a hundred receiving nations and over 130 currencies worldwide. 

At ACE Money Transfer, customers from more than 26 countries may quickly send money worldwide, check currency rates and pricing, and track their transactions. Furthermore, the mobile app is available in all 26 countries. Perhaps it is even better to deposit money straight into billions of banks, wallets, and retail agents worldwide.

ACE’s Aim for the Future

As they continue to improve their digital platforms and develop new agreements with financial institutions, it appears that the sky is the limit for this fintech leader. This fintech powerhouse has risen to the top of the cross-border money transfer food chain – thanks to its ability to adapt to changing circumstances and a strong desire to connect people worldwide.

It has truly established itself as a dependable and safe method of sending money abroad to family and friends back home. So, trust ACE Money Transfer and join now for the best exchange rates, lowest transaction charges and the fastest services!

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