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How Do I Prepare For An Agency Interview?

Agencies are a great way to assist in the process of job searching. They tend to have many connections in multiple industries, with many available positions in just about any sector. On the whole, their primary goal is to match you with the best available job opportunities.

A lot of these agencies require prospective job searchers to participate in an interview before proceeding any further. 

These interviews are designed to get a better sense of who the potential employee is and the types of opportunities that are best suited to their qualifications and career preferences. Fortunately, they aren’t so different from a typical job interview!

If you’re unsure of how to prepare for these interviews, this article will provide you with all of the relevant information!

Check Out Their Website

It’s good to know a bit about the recruiting agency going into your interview. Researching is more than simply typing the name of the agency into a search engine and going with the first facts that you read.

Start by looking at their history and make notes about how long they’ve been established, the type of industry they tend to cater to, and the potential opportunities they might provide further down the road.

That being said, you don’t need to know every little detail about the agency. Don’t overwhelm yourself with this information as it might not all be relevant to the interview.

Practice Interview Questions

There are a couple of general questions that your interviewer will likely ask. This includes the following few examples:

  • Tell me about yourself
  • What education and skills do you have that make you a good candidate?
  • Why are you interested in getting a new job?
  • What is the expected salary range?
  • What are the most vital career factors for you?
  • Do you have any major career goals in the next few years?

Your interviewer may even ask you questions about your resume so be prepared to answer their queries.

Be Succinct With Your Answers

If your agency interviewer asks you a direct question about your experience or your hopes for the future, for example, you must answer promptly. As great as it may seem to give context for a particular answer, don’t keep talking at them as you might lose their attention.

If you’re the fourth or fifth interview that they are doing on that particular day, they may quickly become bored or overwhelmed with what you’re saying. As a result of this, they might prioritize other candidates.

Consider Your Skills

There are a couple of skills that are vital when working with an agency. Some of the most important skills include strong communication, the ability to problem solve, and a natural approach to teamwork. During your interview, you should be able to demonstrate these.

You should also be able to highlight your ability to multitask. If you’re asked to describe yourself in a few words you should tailor your answer to fit all of this relevant information.

During the interview, you can also show an interest in the role by asking about available training opportunities and inquiring about whether any on-the-job training will be taking place. This will give you a greater idea about the sort of training you’ll need.

Leave Arrogance Outside of the Door

Egos have no place in an agency interview so you should make sure to eliminate yours before you take a step inside the interview room. 

If you’re not sure about something then don’t feign understanding of the client or the job. Your interviewer is there to listen and they’ll be very open to clarifying something should you need it.

Dress Well

A lot of agencies have a more casual dress code on a day-to-day basis, aside from when they are dealing with clients face-to-face. Yet for your interview, you should dress for success. It doesn’t have to be a suit or a dress but you should ensure that you look professional and put together.

Dressing well is a key way of making a good first impression on a potential employer. After all, your clothes will be the first thing your interviewer will see. Wearing professional clothing also shows that you’re serious about the job and appreciative of the interviewer’s time.


These are the main things you must do to prepare for an agency interview. It may seem a bit daunting at first but if you go in with a calm and professional demeanor and appearance, you’ll soon feel the nerves melt away!

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