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How Much Does A Family Lawyer Cost?

Family conflicts like a marriage separation or a misunderstanding regarding the sharing and ownership of a family estate can be challenging to solve. Because of this, most people often ask how much it could cost them to hire a family lawyer and find a solution fast. However, knowing the budget isn’t impossible but isn’t also easy. For example, the cost can depend on many factors like how complex your case is or the legal expertise your family matters demand. 

As a result, before you know the amount you need to hire a lawyer, regardless of how complex your family problems are, one of the best things to do is to hire from an established family law firm like Jensen Family Law in Mesa, AZ. With a family lawyer from established firms like this, you won’t just know the budget you need but also find a suitable attorney specializing in the exact matters regarding your current family disputes. And besides knowing the cost and hiring from an established firm, let’s explore the average amount you need and other ways to help determine this cost.

The Average Cost

The cost of hiring a family attorney varies from state to state and based on the severity of your family case. However, on average, most family lawyers charge a flat fee of two hundred and fifty dollars per case or hour.

Also, it’s important to note that some family lawyers can charge more or less per hour while others charge based on the time it takes them to finish your case. For example, one family attorney can charge you between a hundred to four hundred dollars while another can charge less or more. 

Or the cost could also depend on the lawyer’s single package fees. They can charge a flat fee regardless of the time it could take them to finish the case. Or, they can charge after determining the time they completed the case. 

On average, expect to spend between a hundred to four hundred dollars per hour for lawyers from firms and two hundred and fifty dollars for independent attorneys.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Hiring a Family Lawyer

There are many branches of family law, and the cost of hiring a family attorney based on the family law category of your case depends on the following factors.


Experience can mean many things based on the circumstances of your family case. It can refer to the time the attorney has been serving and dealing with family cases or their academic qualification and records of winning. 

At the same time, the attorney’s experience can refer to the number of cases they have worked on and their similarities to your lawsuit. But whichever category you use to determine the knowledge of the family lawyer you want to hire, the longer they have dealt with cases like yours, the more they will likely charge you and vice versa.

The Attorney’s Success Record and Rates for Winning Cases

As the lawyer wins many family cases, their reputation grows. As a result, most of them use their reputation to set their service fees.

Family lawyers with higher success rates charge more than those trying to build a reputation. Therefore, the more cases the attorney has won previously, the more you will spend to hire them and vice versa. Family and divorce attorney in Atlanta can take care of most of the family affairs, and have the experience bring your desired results from the case.

The Lawyer’s Extra Package Fees

Many family lawyers charge a flat fee but have extra package fees for customized services like a one-on-one consultation. This way, hiring them without meeting them for a consultation is cheaper than if you ask to meet them and discuss your matter before you decide to hire them.

The Size of the Firm or the Lawyer’s Location

If you hire a family attorney from an established and large law firm, you will likely pay more than hiring from a small firm. And the reason for this is because attorneys from established firms are more qualified and can share your case with others to help them win regardless of how difficult it is.

Also, most attorneys from established law firms have handled more cases than independent attorneys. This way, their odds of winning are always higher. But compared to independent attorneys, hiring from a firm will cost you more.

On the other hand, the location determines the cost of hiring an attorney depending on whether they will come to you or if you will go to their offices when hiring them. If they have to drive to your place, you will pay more and vice versa. But in the end, the cost of hiring a family attorney depends on many factors, including the above.

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